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Heroes of Ardania

Majesty: Heroes of Ardania (http://www.heroesofardania.net) is an interpretation of the Majesty universe from the standpoint of individual heroes. In Heroes of Ardania, the player controls the individual heroes in a browser-based multiplayer role playing game. The general goal is to build up a hero by defeating monsters and obtaining items. The player's hero may visit and explore a variety of different locations throughout the Majesty world known as Ardania.

Game Interface and Hero Basics

Much of the gameplay depends on the class of the hero registered as a new player enters the game. Each class has specific attributes and advantages, although classes are not intended to be equally challenging or easy to play. Most of the properties of heroes are shown on the left-hand bar:

Basic Hero Properties:

  • Class: Each of the 16 classes have unique characteristics. See the hero classes page for more information.
  • Gender: Whether the hero is male or female. Has no actual effect on gameplay.
  • Turns: The number of turns a hero has. Many actions in the game require turns to be performed (see below). New players begin with 250 turns to spend and may earn one turn per hour.
  • Gold: Gold is used to purchase items and services. Gold is most commonly gained by adventuring, either directly (collected from slain enemies or from defeated lairs) or by selling loot. There are other ways to gain gold, such as by Guard Duty, construction work, entertaining and gambling.
  • Level: the level of a hero. A hero can gain the next level by gaining experience. Gaining levels increases the hero's primary stat (1 point per 2 levels) and secondary stats (1 per level), max HP, and proficiency in certain abilities (for certain heroes only). Level is also a requirement for access to several locations, quests, and sometimes determines the number of monsters in certain lairs. It is not possible for this figure to decrease.
  • HP: A measure of the hero's health. When this drops to zero, the hero dies, resulting in a loss of turns unless the Revive, Resurrection or Reanimation enchantments are active to prevent turns loss. The number in parentheses is the maximum HP the hero has. Hit points are reduced as a character takes damage in combat or by other means, but can be recuperated several ways such as by resting (usually at a temple), using a Healing spell or enchantment, and using healing aids.
  • XP: Amount of experience of the hero in a level and the amount needed to attain the next level (in parentheses). Some classes require more XP to level up each time than do others. The graphical bar represents the XP progress to the next level. XP may decrease by dying and can become negative if the character is hit by the Level Leech spell, carried by the Vampire Queen and Krolm's Anvil Spirit foes.
  • Total weight: The weight of all items carried in the inventory (including gold).
  • Carry cap.: The amount of weight (based by the STR value) a hero can carry without getting penalties.
  • Encumbrance: A percentage value of total weight / carry capacity. If it's under 100% no penalties are applied. 100-110% gives -10 to combat stats. 110-120% gives -20 to combat stats and +1 turn used for exploration. 120-130% gives -30 to combat stats and +1 turn used for exploration. 130-140% gives -40 to combat stats and +2 turns used for exploration. Above 150% the hero cannot journey.

Additional Hero Properties

Below the hero Encumbrance bar are five icons that lead to subsections displaying additional properties of the heroes, listed below. Click on the links for more information about each of the following:

  • Hero Attributes: The hero attributes are a set of "stats" that define a hero's proficiency in combat. There are two columns of numbers. The column on the left displays the base stats, while the column in the right with numbers in parentheses displays the actual stats after modification by enchantments, spells, and items.
  • Items: Items include weapons, armor, secondary equipment (such as shields, headgear, necklaces), and consumables. Items listed in the sidebar are those that are currently active. Clicking the "View Items" link shows the inventory management page.
  • Spells: The "Spells" section lists both the spells learned and used by the hero, as well as enchantments conferred to the hero.
  • Abilities Hero abilities are a set of unique attributes for specific purposes, ranging from the ability to use schematics to combat-related skills.
  • Followers Followers are support units hired or obtained by the hero.

Date: Displays the current date and moon stance. Is important for a side-quest.

Sidebar Bottom Links: The Main returns you to the in-game area if, for example, you are viewing your inventory. The Options panel is an important section that allows you to set your healing aid usage, fleeing conditions, enable auto attack, various warnings (weight, spell expiration), and other useful settings (don't pick up gold, auto-dismiss dead followers etc.). It is also where you can change your password, configure your forum signature, and where you go to delete the character. The Chat and Forum are in-game mediums for player-to-player communication. The Logbook is used to send message to other players. The Journal is an additional section which keep track of certain game elements. The Dev Forum is an external forum to accompany game, as opposed to the in-game forum. By using Play another hero you can quickly turn to another hero in your Master Account to play with him or her instead.

Turns system: The turns system is used to control rate at which certain elements of the game progress. Turns are used up in certain gameplay elements such as exploring areas, traveling between distant areas, and stopping to rest at a location. Turns approximately simulate the time it takes for heroes to perform actions. However, while turns play a large role in the flow of the game, many actions can be accomplished without using turns, such as visiting various locations within a city and purchasing items. Each hero receives one turn per hour, which may accumulate over time. Currently, there is no way to receive more turns than one per hour.

Turns are also lost upon death, the exact number being dependent on the hero's level, or by being incarcerated after a failed stealing attempt, where the number is depends on the difficulty of the store. Due to these, or turn-loss during exploration, there is a possibility for the hero to have a negative number of turns; in such a case the hero is unable to spend further turns until the figure reaches a positive value again.

Be careful of having an encumbrance higher than 100%, as this can quickly drawn your turns as exploration becomes more turn-expensive.

Gaining XP: The main method of gaining XP is through combat. Most heroes will start in the Valmorgen Sewers hunting rats or doing city patrol and eventually move on to more advanced areas later on. In combat, a hero gains XP for defeating monsters (dealing damage). Outside of combat, certain skills such as planting herbs can get you XP. The process of gaining XP is explained more in-depth in the "Gaining XP" Article.

Getting Started: Beginning Strategy

See Main Article: Beginning Strategy

New heroes begin in Valmorgen. Players generally must utilize the shops available there to purchase a token set of equipment before venturing into the sewers to seek combat. This initial stage of gameplay is discussed more in-depth in the article listed above.

Intermediate and Advanced Gameplay

See Article: Early and Midgame Guide

Eventually, heroes become strong enough to leave Valmorgen to seek greater adventures in Ardania. The following topics discuss the additional game elements in Heroes of Ardania:

  • Quests: Heroes may undertake quests given by specific NPCs.
  • Locations: Ardania is a vast region with many places for explore.
  • Schematics: Schematics allow heroes to extend the attributes of basic weapons as well as assemble new and powerful weapons.

Browser Gameplay Notes

  • Playing with multiple tabs: Often it is useful to be able to equip or ready particular items depending on the specific in-game encounter. The easiest method is usually to open the inventory in a new tab by right-clicking on "View Items" and selecting "Open in new tab", though most browsers also provide other methods like middle-clicking or Ctrl+clicking. By doing this, you can play the actual game in one tab, while using the other tab to adjust the equipment for specific situations you encounter. In a similar vein, you can open the Spells window in yet another tab, to ready or unready spells before combat.
Note: if you're using an older browser that doesn't support tabs, you can still open the Inventory in another browser window.
  • Using the "Refresh" button (F5 key) to explore: It is possible to use the browser's refresh button or the F5 key as a substitute for the "Explore" link. This technique is best utilized for repetitive situations that require minimal micromanagement (Fertile Plains, Sunken City, and Valley of Gur-Mechina). For optimal use of refresh, there are two conditions:
  1. Set your character on "attack all enemies" in the options panel.
  2. Once you have auto-attack enabled, explore until you reach a special encounter (such as a Cathedral Vault, Catacomb Tomb, or any lootable transient event). Resolve the encounter, and afterward, press "Refresh."
When the refresh button is first used in this circumstance, subsequent uses of the refresh button will automatically enter any special encounters while also automatically attacking enemies if there is no special encounter. If you do not have both of the above conditions satisfied, you may run into trouble such as not attacking enemies (if auto-attack is not enabled). If you break the "Refresh Sequence" such as by manually using healing aids on the same window that you use to explore the location, you will need to restart the sequence again from another special encounter.