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Consumable items are permanently expended when used in combat. There are three categories of consumables: healing aids, combat-boosts, and poison. See also: Charged Items for items that are charged, such as wands and gems.

Healing Aids

Name Cost HP Healed HP per Gold Purchased
Health Grubs 4 5 1.25 Gnome Hovels in Valmorgen and Lormidia
Healing Potion 25 30 1.20 Marketplace
Rejuvenation Tonic 150 100 .666 Lormidian Marketplace and East Cheswick Marketplace
Elixir of Health 300 150 .5 Marketplace
Total Restoration Tincture 1500 9999 (Full Heal) Ezzina's Elixir Expo


Name Damage Obtained
Viper Venom 1 Rogues Guild (20 Gold)
Widow's Brew 2 Rogues Guild (60 Gold)
Strangleweed Spit 3 Rogues Guild (180 Gold)
Giant Spider Venom 1 Treldan Wood
Refined Spider Venom 5 Created by the Alchemist in Lichfield Hollow from Giant Spider Venom
Green Death Poison 4 Sunken City, created by the Alchemist in Lichfield Hollow from Poisonous Herbs, Darkmoor Swamp Hermit

Combat Aid

Items purchased from the Lormidia Magic Bazaar. Effects last 10 rounds.

Name Cost Summary
Regeneration Elixir 350 Regenerate 1 HP per round, does not stack with Champion's Vigor or hero spells
Fire Balm 200 +5 Damage for Ranged Weapons
Potion of Dirgo Strength 400 +40 Strength
Shapeshift Tincture 400 Armor +6, HP + 35, Strength + 10
Tonic of Speed 400 Travel time between locations reduced to 1/3, rounded down.

Items purchased from the shop in Merlan's Tower. Effects last 10 rounds.

Name Cost Summary
Minotaur Potion 800 Strength +10, Vitality +20, H2H +10, Armor +5 HP +40
Medusa Potion 800 Int +20, Parry +20, MGR +50, HP +45
Dryad Potion 800 Artifice +20, Ranged +20, Dodge +35, Parry +30, MGR +30
Werewolf Potion 500 Strength +12, Armor +1, dodge/Parry -5, Regeneration(2)(Stacks with other regen)

Items purchased from the Gnome Hovel. Effects last 10 rounds.

Name Cost Summary
Potion of Goblin Strength 45 Strength +4


Name Obtained Summary
Potion of Monster Detection Wizards Guild (60 Gold) Allows detection of monsters before combat, lasts for 10 turns
Holy Water Crazy Myron, Traveller's Dell (Automatically consumed) prevent loss of turns due to dust in Catacombs and Crypts