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Items can be bought, found, looted from monsters, be won as a part of a quest, or arrive at the hero's inventory in other ways. Once attained, some items may be equipped for use in combat in one of the many item-slots (see sub-categories), or selected as "readied item." Note you can only ready up to 5 of such items. Other items, such as healing aids and enchantment items can also be manually consumed. Most items can be sold to the blacksmith, marketplace, or the gnome hovel, and nearly all items can be discarded. Note that some items can be sold to more than one shop, but different shops may offer different prices for the same item. Quest items, viewed in the journal rather then the inventory, may only be used as part of a quest, and may not be discarded.

Items Information

Central reference sheet for important and high-tier items
  • Items By Category
Icon weapon.gif Weapon
Icon armor.gif Armor
Icon cloak.gif Cloak
Icon shield.gif Shield
Icon headgear.gif Headgear
Icon belt.gif Belt
Icon boots.gif Footwear
Icon gloves.gif Gloves
Icon armband.gif Armband
Icon necklace.gif Necklace
Icon ring.gif Ring
Icon accessory.gif Accessory
Icon wand.gif Charged
Icon healingaid.gif Consumable
Icon artifact.gif Artifact
Checkmark.png Misc
Checkmark.png Junk
  • Items By Class
Icon-adept.gif Adept
Icon-barbarian.gif Barbarian
Icon-cultist.gif Cultist
Icon-dwarf.gif Dwarf
Icon-elf.gif Elf
Icon-gnome.gif Gnome
Icon-healer-f.gif Healer
Icon-monk.gif Monk
Icon-paladin-f.gif Paladin
Icon-priestess.gif Priestess
Icon-ranger.gif Ranger
Icon-rogue.gif Rogue
Icon-solarus-f.gif Solarus
Icon-warrior.gif Warrior
Icon-wod.gif Warrior of Discord
Icon-wizard.gif Wizard


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