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Heroes in Ardania frequently encounter monsters as obstacles to their quests and adventures. Monsters, along with followers, follow the same combat rules as do heroes, with the notable exception that monsters have a simplified minimum and maximum damage value rather than weapon damage values. Also most monsters do not have a Critical Hit Resistance (with the exception of tough/boss monsters). Descriptions of monsters can be found in the bestiary section of the player's journal. However, most of the stats such as damage, parry, h2h, magic resist, are not listed by the bestiary. Hence, they are generally not listed here. A notable exception is in the case of followers, including monsters charmed by heroes and those hired by heroes, the complete set of stats are listed.

Defeating monsters in combat earns a hero both Gold (Goblin Towers excluded) and XP.


Hellbear, Camouflaged Hell Bear, Roc, Varg, Stoneskin Varg
Rats » Giant Rat, Huge Rat, Gargantuan Rat
Spiders » Giant Spider, Huge Spider, AntiMagic Spider, Dark Spider, Web Spider, Forest Spider, Ice Spider


Ratman, Ratman Champion, Ratman Shaman, Ratman Stalker, Rust Mistress, Ratman Overlord, Ratman Assassin, Ratman Terminator, Ratman King


Bloodbear, Mountain Bear, Dire Bear, Griffon, Mountain Lion, Alpha Lion, Silver Varg


Black Phantom, Dark Phantom, Doppleganger, Evil Oculus, Greater Oculus, Dreaded Mawculus, Hellhound, Minotaur, Blessed Minotaur, Greater Minotaur, Trollotaur, Wendigo, Yeti, Toughened Yeti,Werewolf, Greater Werewolf, Werewolf Mage, Warlock
Rust spitter » Rust Spitter, Rust Guard, Rust Mother
Mimics » Mimic, Tree Mimic, Rock Mimic
Abomination » Abomination, Twisted Abomination, Valmorgen Guardian


Goblin, Goblin Archer, Goblin Priest, Goblin Champion, Goblin Overlord


Goblin Watchtower, Goblin Guardtower, Goblin Deathtower, Goblin SiegeTower, Ratapult, Ratasiege

Lesser Undead

Vampire, Zombie, Lurker, Plague Bearer, Shadow Beast
Skeleton » Skeleton, Skeletal Warrior, Skeletal Knight, Skeletal Champion, Skeletal Overlord

Greater Undead

Spectre, Phantom Warrior, Phantom Stalker, Shadow Stalker, Banshee, Shade, Vampire Queen, Liche, Barbarian Spirit, Krolm's Anvil Spirit
Wight » Wight, Greater Wight, Goblin Wight


Giant, Ogre, Giant Swordsman, Giant Slinger, Fire Giant, Storm Giant

Serpent Queenlings

Medusa, Greater Gorgon, Harpy, Greater Harpy


Troll, Invisible Troll, Swamp Troll

Flesh Hunters

Flesh Hunter, Flesh Hunter Shaman, Flesh Reaper, Flesh Scavenger, Flesh Scavenger Shaman


Flowering Strangleweed, Strangling Flowerweed, Flowering Sporeweed, Flowering Deathweed, Flowering Fireweed


Dragon, Hydra, Ice Dragon, Ancient Dragon

Nature Spirits

Daemonwood, Dryad, Elderwood, Tanglewood, Sand Reaver, Fire Reaver, Death Reaver
Golems » Rock Golem, Bog Golem, Ice Golem, Tundra Golem, Sand Golem, Towering Golem


Hooligan, Thug, Ruffian, Longbowman, Fighter, Elite Fighter, Hedge Wizard, Bandit, Elven Marauder, Leprechaun, Leprechaun Chieftain, Dark Knight, Shadow Thief, Suspicious Traveller, Looter, Gar Uta Raider, Alkanar, Nomad Champion
Deranged Heroes » Barbarian, Dwarf, Gnome, Monk, Solarus, Warrior, Wizard, Warrior of Discord
Guardians » Paladin, Monk, Priestess, Warrior of Discord
Brothers Brashnard » Brother Fire, Brother Gaze, Brother Haste, Brother Health
See Also: Mercenary Units (Followers)

Thallis Heroes

Thallis Adept, Thallis Barbarian, Thallis Cultist, Thallis Dwarf, Thallis Elf, Thallis Ranger, Thallis Gnome, Thallis Healer, Thallis Monk, Thallis Paladin, Thallis Priestess, Thallis Rogue, Thallis Solarus, Thallis Wizard, Thallis Warrior of Discord, Thallis Warrior, Thallis Sovereign
(Listed with Humanoids in Bestiary)


Logout Daemon, Trick or Treat, Nightmare