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[[Image:Example_dialogue.jpg|thumb|200px|Example dialogue with an NPC ([[Reorak the Tall]]).]]
[[Image:Example_dialogue.jpg|thumb|200px|Example dialogue with an NPC ([[Reorak the Tall]]).]]

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File:Example dialogue.jpg
Example dialogue with an NPC (Reorak the Tall).

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are characters that are part of the game. They may give you rumours, hints, quests, sell you items, or just add content to the game. The game mechanics allow you to talk to NPCs via dialogue options. This means you can choose from a limited number of responses or actions. The NPCs' responses are also programmed, and sometimes depend on things such as your class, quests you are on or have completed, etc.

Following is a list of the NPCs in the game, sorted by location. Shopkeepers, trainers and temple followers are excluded from the list, unless they offer special content or dialogue as well.

Note that the following articles may contain spoilers about quests, locations, monsters or other game content.


Special Characters

The Town Crier greets and provides basic game information to new heroes. The hero will not meet him again afterward, but the dialog is available here.

Permanent Characters

  • Royal Advisor
The Royal Advisor resides at the palace. When asked for advice, he says "Umm.. eat lots of carrots. Exercise regularly. Move your bowels at least once a day. And don't step on Troll dung."
Thorgrim Doomhammer, the Dwarven Blacksmith, is reputed by the Map Maker of Mayhew to be the "best there is". He is now largely retired and works only on commission. He gives the player two quests, the first of which is the Longsword of True Valour Quest.
The Royal Rat-Catcher works in the sewers to keep the rats at bay. His colleague is the Royal Pig-Catcher.
Found in the Tavern, the Elderly man is seeking an item on travel in the Great Plains.
This is a Construction Gnome that has been demoted to cleaning the Statue of TaleSpinner the Mildly Insane in Valmorgen. His main activity seems keeping the pigeons at bay....

Temporary Characters

The Gnomish Stump sings carols during Christmas and the New Year,
The Hopebringer greeted heroes after the game reset in 2006.
The Chaos Bringer appeared in the City Square in May 2006, to celebrate the New Chaos Festival
  • Doomsayer
The Doomsayer briefly appeared in Valmorgen heralding the 2006 reset and was replaced by the Hopebringer.


  • Ducal adviser
The Ducal adviser can be found sleeping at the Mayhew keep, where he is supposed to advise the Duke in governance affairs. Upon conversation, the adviser reveals that the Duke had long gone to visit the Elven Lounge, where where he never returned to resumed his duties. The adviser also reveals that the city is now under the de factor rule by merchants and Elves.
The Goblin Chief is the leader of the goblins residing in Mayhew. In the Stop the Ratman Raids quest, the chief reveals that his tribe are in Mayhew under fairly lucrative employment of the Elves.
  • Goblin Rebel
The Goblin Rebel is part of a dissenting faction of the Goblins in Mayhew. Both the Merchants and Elves are either purposely or inadvertently involved with the rebels. (see: Grease Some Goblin Palm). When playing the quests for the Elves, the player will hear that the rebel faction has ran off, along with the "goblin chest".
The map maker is retired ranger who makes his living off of cartography. He introduces the player to his friend, the Dwarven Blacksmith in Valmorgen.
  • Quellyn Tinklerain
Quellyn is an elven leader for whom the player may find employment. He constantly strives to get the better of the elves' rivals, the Merchants. He is described as "reputed to have his hands in just about every dirty little anti-Merchant scheme in Mayhew."
  • Merchants Guild Manager
The merchant counterpart to Quellyn, the Manager leads his men in the conflict against the elves. Players who prefer to work in favor of the merchants against the Elves should seek him in Mayhew.


  • Witch
The Witch is encountered at the Dark Alley. She claims to be the one who makes which an associate sells at the magic bazaar. The Witch provides information on the whereabouts of the Gnome Apprentice's amulets and shows the access to the sewers in Lormidia.
  • Dwarven Engineer
The Dwarven Engineer, located at the Magic Bazaar, offers training in craftsmanship.
  • The Farseer
The farseer resides in Lormidia and carries a pet Lobster. He offers maps to passes in the Hellfire Mountains.
  • Gnome Apprentice
The apprentice, at the Gnome Hovel, is featured in the Amulet of the Apprentice quest. She seeks her lost amulet of coal summoning so she can be "the Gnome Mystic's Sub-Apprentice's Sub-Sub-Apprentice's Apprentice".
  • Reorak the Tall
Reorak the Tall is the Huntmaster at the Hall of Champions. He seeks to enlist heroes on Monster Hunts.
  • Barkeep
The Barkeep operates Lormidia's "Screaming Heroes Inn." He is adamant in serving drinks to visitors.
  • High Sorcerer
The High Sorcerer of Ardania is a pompous sorcerer who resides in Lormidia's Sorcerer's abode. He offers to cast his gate spell for a fee but doesn't hesitate to cast "Change of Hearts" upon those who fail to address him with respect.
  • Distraught Character
The Distraught Character is featured in the Tempus Fugit Quest. She seeks to find her sundial missing in the Timekeepers' basement.
  • Eccentric Wizard
The Eccentric Wizard is featured in the Ascend the Wizard's Tower Quest.

Lichfield Hollow

Descendant of the great wizard Rezzenthel, the Alchemist is eager to sell his services to visiting heroes.
The Fur Trader is a "fashionable" barbarian who buys furs from heroes visiting Lichfield Hollow.
The Socket Carver offers to socket items for a price
The Gossiping women have something to say about everything. Heroes may find their rumors to be of value.

Central Plains

Crazy Myron can be found at the graveyard where he wanders around with his collection of holy water.
  • Chicken Farmer
The Chicken Farmer owns the Howling Moon Varg Farm on the plains where he sells "chickens" to heroes passing by.
  • Innkeeper
The Innkeeper is also a skilled craftsman who offers to train heroes in craftsmanship.

Darkmoor Swamp

  • Swamp Hermit
The swamp hermit is a mysterious character who can be both mischievous and helpful, depending on his whims.

Hellfire Mountains

Elven travelers can be found in the mountains seeking an escort. Heroes who stumble upon them can be led to the hidden valley of the elves.
The Elven Barmaid greets new heroes arriving at the Elven Village. She speaks about the history of her tribe in the hidden valley.
Francois is a former ranger who sells maps at the Trading Post in Traveller's Dell
  • Veteran Guard
The Guard at Traveller's Dell tells of elves who gave him a mighty spear.

Ferry Landing

Arex is the ferryman who takes heroes between Mayhew and Lormidia.

Wizard Tower

Gives the hero quests and as reward offers mighty potions.


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