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##[[Farming Farms]]
##[[Farming Farms]]
##[[Foul Play]]
##[[Foul Play]]
#[[Royal Scepter Quest]]  
# ''[[Royal Scepter Quest]]''
# ''Dwarven Blacksmith Quests''
# ''Dwarven Blacksmith Quests''
##[[Longsword of True Valour Quest]]  
##[[Longsword of True Valour Quest]]  

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Symbol of a quest location / action / meeting

Quests are little, or big, jobs you may perform for NPCs (non-player characters). The quests can vary from killing a certain type of monster, fighting a specific battle, finding an item, or something that involves a little more thought. The reward is usually a unique or rare item, and sometimes gold, or access to new areas or abilities. Quests in Heroes of Ardania are listed below.

I. Valmorgen

  1. Royal Rat-Catcher
    1. Giant Rats
    2. Huge Rats
    3. Gargantuan Rat
    4. Ratman Patrol
    5. Ratman Invasion
    6. Ratmen Invaded
  2. Sewer Tunnels
    1. The Gnome Collector
      1. The Gnome Collector
      2. The Gnome Collector Part II
    2. Ratmen Quests
      1. Uniting the Clans
      2. Goblin Necromancy
      3. A Matter of Luck(Ratmen)
      4. Delivery from Lormidia
      5. The Siege of the Goblin Fortification
    3. Goblin Quests
      1. Goblin Traitor
      2. A Matter of Luck(Goblin)
      3. Ratmen Reinforcements
      4. Goblin Politics
      5. The Siege of the Ratman Fortress
    4. Finding Mayhew
  3. Venn's Spire
    1. The Trial of Venn's Spire
    2. Farming Farms
    3. Foul Play
  4. Royal Scepter Quest
  5. Dwarven Blacksmith Quests
    1. Longsword of True Valour Quest
    2. Axe of the Covenant Quest
  6. Mausoleum Quest
    1. A Priest for the Valmorgen Mausoleum

II. Mayhew

  1. Quellyn's Quests (Elven Lounge)
    1. Pillage the Caravan
    2. Grease Some Goblin Palm
    3. Grease That Palm Again
  2. Merchant Guild Quests
    1. Protect the Warehouse
      1. Get the Loot!
    2. Grease Some Goblin Palm
    3. Wine-ing Elves
  3. Stop the Ratman Raids
  4. Extortion (generic elf quests)
  5. Caravan Escort (generic quests)

III. Lormidia

  1. Amulet of the Apprentice
  2. Ascend the Wizard's Tower
  3. Tempus Fugit
  4. Monster Hunt (generic quests)

IV. Fertile Plains and Dark Forest

  1. Wizard Tower
    1. Rescue the Wizard's Apprentice
    2. Mushroom Hunt
    3. The Wizard's Spellbook
    4. Look for Lupusweed
    5. Merlan's Staff
    6. Moonglow Water
    7. Silver Varg Sheddings
    8. Defeat Merlan's Apprentice
  2. East Cheswick
    1. Battle of the Plains
    2. Embassy quests

V. Desolate Wastelands

  1. Elven Valley
    1. Search for the Lost Elf
  2. Desolate Wastelands
    1. The Desert Artifact
    2. The Imp and His Tools
  3. Ruins of Thallis
    1. Plagued!
    2. Thallis Fairgrounds
    3. Treasure Hunt
  4. Ruins of Gar Uta
    1. The Temple Raiders
    2. The Raiders' Weird Tower
    3. The Dead Wander in Gar-Uta
  5. Krolm's Anvil
    1. Nomads' Arena


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