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Rings are important equipment. The Ring of Protection, available right from the beginning, is likely the first important ring that a hero will use. All rings except for the class-specific rings and the Right of Mightier Devastation can be socketed into the Ring Amulet.

Rings usable by all classes[edit]

Ring Effects Acquisition/Notes
Dark Band Damage +2, H2H +10, Ranged +10, Parry +10, Dodge +10 Sunken City (Ruined Building), Thallis (Mausoleum), Krolm's Anvil (Burial Ground)
Emerald Ring Luck +4 Leprechaun Valley
Entropic Circle Luck +2, Armor +1, H2H +3 Catacombs (Tomb), Fertile Plains (Ruined Shrine)
Gold Clover Ring Luck +7 Leprechaun Valley, Ratman Battleground, Witch King Ruins
Ring of Devastation +3 Spell Damage, -20 Parry and Dodge Catacombs (Tombs), Darkmoor Swamp (Small Ships), Goblin Territory (Goblin Mounds), Hellfire Mountains South (Giant Cave), Sunken City
Ring of Fortitude Vit +4, Armor +5, MGR +15 Fertile Plains (Caravan Escort), Thallis Mausoleum, Nomad's Outpost (200 gold, after completing Nomads' Arena quest)
Ring of Might Not for spellcasters H2H and Ranged +10, Damage +2 Catacombs (Tombs), Goblin Territory (Goblin Mounds), Darkmoor Swamp (Small Ship), Hellfire Mountains South (Giant Cave), Hellfire Mountains East (Grove of Daemonwood), Valley of Gur-Mechina (Tomb)
Ring of Mighty Devastation Exploding Aura Schematic from Wizard Tower: Dark Band, Ring of Devastation, Ring of Might, Splinter of Detonation
Ring of Mightier Devastation Exploding Aura, MGR+10 Imp's Workshop: Dark Wizard's Crystal Ball, Bar of Gold
Ring of Protection Armor +2, Parry +10, Dodge +10, MGR +10 Marketplace, Catacombs (Tombs), Darkmoor Swamp (Small Ship, Hermit), Goblin Territory (Goblin Camp, Goblin Mound)
Silver Band Regeneration (1) Buried Cathedral, Dark Forest (Daemonwood Grove, Abandoned Altar), Valley of Gur-Mechina (Tomb Crypt)
Tholarian Signet Ring MGR +15 Royal Scepter Quest reward, Witch King Ruins

Class-specific rings[edit]

Ring Effects Acquisition/Notes
Black Band Rogue Ranged +15, Dodge +15, Parry +20, Damage +4 Thallis (Rogues Guild)
Ring of Divine Protection Paladin Parry +15, Dodge +15, Magic Resist +15, Armor +2 Thallis (Warriors Guild)