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Schematics is a feature that allows players to combine items into new ones.

Schematics can be utilised in one of two ways - combining two or more items into a new one, or embedding an item into another one.

The former - combining - is fairly straightforward. Once you have the needed ingredients (specified in the Schematic's description) and the schematic itself, combining the ingredients will result in a new item in your inventory. The ingredients, naturally, go *poof*.

Embedding is slightly more complicated. In essence, it allows you to insert small magical trinkets into weapons and armour, giving them the trinket's magical bonuses. To be able to do this, though, the weapon or armour must be socketed. Each socketed item (marked in your inventory as such) can hold up to three different items. The amount of items embedded is also shown in the item's name. For instance, Socketed (1/3) Longbow +3.

Schematics, as such, are specific instructions as to how to combine two or more items to get a specific result. If the schematic details the combining of several items into one, the needed ingredients are mentioned in the description. If the schematic details the process of embedding magical items into others, there is a multitude of different combinations, thus the possible ingredients aren't mentioned. Schematics can be purchased in the Valmorgen Library.


Socketing an item allows you to insert other, magical items, into it. This is a convenient way of creating customised items. For instance, you could create an armour with bonuses to MGR for use in the Buried Cathedral, or with bonuses to Luck for use in the Leprechaun Valley. To socket an item, visit the Socket Carver in Lichfield Hollow. Pretty much any non-magical, non-artifact weapon or armour can be socketed.


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