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Shields are generally used only by warriors, but a few other classes can also equip shields. A large number of shields can be purchased directly, from the city Blacksmith.

Standard shields[edit]

The following shields follow a two-part naming system. They are usable by Warriors only.

Buckler Small Large Tower
Armor: 1
Armor: 2
Armor: 3
Armor: 4
Wooden Wooden Buckler Wooden Small Shield Wooden Large Shield Wooden Tower Shield
Spiked Iron Spiked Iron Small Shield
Dodge, Parry & Damage +2
Spiked Iron Large Shield
Dodge, Parry & Damage +4
Mithril Mithril Tower Shield
Dodge & Parry +12

Special Shields (Warriors)[edit]

Shield Effect Acquisition
Clan-emblazoned Small Shield (Armor: 3) Dodge +4, Parry +4, Str +4 See the item description
Clan-emblazoned Large Shield (Armor: 3) Dodge +8, Parry +8, Str +6 See the item description
Mystic Shield (Armor: 3) Dodge +8, Parry +8 HFM west
Stoneback Shield (Armor: 3) Dodge and Parry +12. Stone Skin Spell (+8 Armor) Crafted using schematic from the Abandoned Library
Stoneback's Shield of Might (Armor: 7) Dodge and Parry +12. Stone Skin Spell (+8 Armor), Invisibility (Lv. 2 Spell) Resist Magic Spell (+35 Magic Resist) Upgraded at the Imp's Workshop; requires Enchanted Idol and Minotaur Hide

Special shields (other classes)[edit]

Shield Class Effect Acquisition
Flames Shield Solarus (Armor: 1) Int +4 Ratman Battleground, Valley of Gur-Mechina, Hellfire Mountains South
Mind Shield Wizard (Armor: 0) Armor +1, Magic Resist +5 Thallis Wizards Guild
Healer Buckler Healer (Armor: 1) Parry +5, Intelligence +2 Thallis Temple to Agrela
Sloth Shield Elf (Armor: 0) Parry +15, Dodge +10, Magic Resist +5 Thallis Elven Bungalow