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Weapons are the things you use for ranged and melee combat. Weapons range from your normal sword and staff to enchanted daggers and maces with weights that shift as you strike. Weapons of level 4 and below can be socketed and embedded with items that give stat bonuses. Weapons can be enchanted up to +3 in Wizards Guild and up to +4 in the Wizards Tower in Lormidia if you do the Ascend the Wizard's Tower quest.

Better weapons can be obtained by purchased, exploring certain areas and after combat against certain enemies. Special weapons can be assembled using schematics.

Hero Classes for Standard Weapons
Sword: Warrior, Paladin
Hammer: Warrior, Dwarf
Axe: Warrior, Barbarian
Blade-Stick: Warrior of Discord
Longbow: Ranger, Elf
Crossbow: Rogue
Dagger: Gnome, Healer, Cultist
Mace: Solarus
Staff: Wizard, Priestess, Adept

Summary of Standard Weapons
Level Sword Hammer Axe Blade-stick Longbow Crossbow Dagger Mace Staff
1 Short Sword Hammer Axe Blade-stick Longbow Light Crossbow Cheap Iron Dagger Mace Wooden Staff
2 Broadsword Steel-shod Hammer Heavy Axe Razor Blade-stick Fine Longbow Crossbow Steel Dagger Weighted Mace Iron-shod Staff
3 Longsword War Hammer Broad Axe Chaos Blade-stick Yew Longbow Heavy Crossbow Long Steel Dagger Spiked Mace Fighting Staff
4 Fine Steel Longsword Heavy War hammer Battle Axe Ultra Chaos Blade-stick Composite Longbow Excellent Crossbow Mithril Dagger Lead-filled Mace Spiked Staff
5 Longsword of Flaying Hammer of the Fools Axe of Power Entropy Avenger Seeker Longbow Crossbow of Pain Dagger of the Ages crusher Staff of Smiting
6 Longsword of Decapitation Hammer of the Dwarves Axe of Death Random Slayer Finder Longbow Crossbow of Accuracy Holy Dagger Flattener Staff of Spite
7 Longsword of Annihilation Hammer of the Gods Axe of Destiny Weapon of Death Avenger Longbow Crossbow of Destruction Dagger of Vengeance Spindler (None)

Note: the table above does not contain special weapons found in quests, crafted from schematics, and bought from special shops. In general, schematic weapons are the most powerful.

Locations: Note that there may be other locations where not listed below where the weapons can be found.

Levels 1-3: Purchased from the blacksmith
Level 4: Found in areas such as Goblin Mounds, Ratman's Kingdom, Catacombs Tombs
Level 5: weapons can be found in the Timekeeper's Basement in Lormidia.
Level 6: Cathedral Vault, Valley of Gur-Mechana
Level 7: Valley of Gur-Mechana

All bows and crossbows can be purchased in the Fletchers 'R Us shop in the Plains.

Summary of Schematic and Non-Standard Weapons
Type Sword Hammer Axe Blade-stick Longbow Crossbow Dagger Mace Staff
Schematic Blade of Dauros Golem Sledge Axe of Fury Greatbow of Speed Bolt Spitter Champion Blade, Dagger of Valour Blazing Mace Teevus Staff, Staff of Death, Tempest Shaft
From Special Locations Greatsword of Justice, Greatsword of Vanquishing, Goblin Champion Longsword, Mithril Broadsword Goblin Overlord Axe Elven Greatbow, Goblin Shortbow Goblin Champion Mace


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