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|locations=[[Hellfire Mountains North]], [[Hellfire Mountains West]], [[Elven Valley]]
|locations=[[Hellfire Mountains North]], [[Hellfire Mountains West]], [[Elven Valley]]
|notes=Ranged ~110, MGR > 60. Dodge ~206 is enough to become immune (Drydorn's estimate.)
|notes=Ranged ~110, MGR > 60. Dodge ~206 is enough to become immune (Drydorn's estimate). Damage ~25-50.

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Winged death! This fire-breathing beast is one of the most fearsome of the realm. Its armored hide makes it very difficult for even the most seasoned warrior to kill. To make matters worse, it loves the taste of humans.

XPs: unknown Gold: 500 Armor: 12 HP: 150
Locations: HFM South, East Cheswick Guard Duty and City Patrol, Dark Forest, Krolm's Anvil, Desolate Wastelands.
Attack Type: Ranged & offensive spell, alternating; begins from turn 0.
Attack Multiple Foes (100), Double Attack (60), Resist Critical Hit.
MGR ~140 & Dodge ~195 is enough to become immune. Dragon's own MGR is ~45.


A many-headed cousin of the Dragon, the hydras would rule Ardania. If their many heads could actually agree on something once in a while, that is.

XPs: unknown Gold: 500 Armor: 4 HP: 255
Locations: Ratman Kingdom (During the Axe of the Covenant Quest)
Attack Type: Ranged
Double Attack.
This creature has some magic resistance.

Ice Dragon

The Ice Dragon freezes its prey, then lets it ripen for months until it actually consumes it. It being you, most likely.

XPs: unknown Gold: 600 Armor: 8 HP: 180
Locations: Hellfire Mountains North, Hellfire Mountains West, Elven Valley
Attack Type: Ranged
Attack Multiple Foes(100), Double Attack(90), Resist Critical Hit.
Ranged ~110, MGR > 60. Dodge ~206 is enough to become immune (Drydorn's estimate). Damage ~25-50.

Ancient Dragon

The Ancient Dragons plaguing the plain of Krolm's Anvil are some of the toughest beasts known to mankind. With incredibly thick skins that absorb blows with ease, high magic resistance, and a regeneration rate rivalling that of trolls, they are a threat by themselves, let alone a pack of them. One of their weak decendants, Vendral, wreaked havoc for thousands of years in the Hellfire Mountains by himself. These are much, much worse...

XPs: unknown Gold: 900 Armor: 20 HP: 500
Locations: Krolm's Anvil
Attack Type: ranged and spells
Attack Multiple Foes, Triple Attack, Immunity to Poison, Regeneration(5)
Gameplay notes: Dodge needed ~280-290 and MGR 185. Has Parry ~250.