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Finding Mayhew

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"Finding Mayhew" is the final quest sequence which will allow the player to enter Mayhew through the sewers.

Summary and Walkthrough

After outright destroying the goblin fortress or after completing the siege quests of Siege of the Ratman Fortress or Siege of the Goblin Fortification the player can travel to the Mayhew Tunnel. A random encounter will allow the player to start looking for an exit. Next the hero needs to storm a ratmen encampment (containing around 20 goblins of various types) and free a group of merchants from captivity. The merchants run in the chaos and upon finding one group the player may escort them back to Mayhew, completing the quest in the process.

Note: If you have already completed the Stop the Ratman Raids quest the exit to Mayhew will be blocked and the poor merchants are left to their grim fate. This also completes the quests.