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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Gloves of the Dump

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Type: Equipment (Gloves)

Weight: 0.3 ged

Armor value: 0

Effects: Strength +2, Magic Resist +2.

Description: These, to say the least, unique, gloves seem to made entire out of junk. Which could explain why the gnome from which you got them had them in his possession. However unlike you would expect from such ugly looking gloves, which fortunately do not smell though, they do have some minor magical properties. The strength boost is helpful for carrying around more junk, while the magic resistance boost was used for digging around dangerous disposed devices, chemicals or items. While they could still be used for these purposes, the boosts provided are also useful in doing less degrading tasks, like getting soaked in enemies' blood.

Found: This item is given by the The Gnome Collector, as a reward for the quest of the same name, in the Sewer Tunnels

Used in schematics: print=