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(Abandoned camp, Rock Golems)
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*[[Southern Pass]]
*[[Southern Pass]]
*[[Western Pass]]
*[[Western Pass]]
*[[Valley of Gur-Mechina]] (random encounter)

==See Also==
==See Also==

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Hellfire Mountains South is the southern region of the Hellfire Mountains. This region may be accessed from the Southern and Western Paths.



  • Abandoned Camp
Free resting location
  • Bear Cave: Mountain Bears
No reward
  • Large Cave: Mountain Bears and Ogres
Contains various items, some of thems: Lvl 5 weapons, Partial Plate Armor, Mithril Tower Shield, Ring of Might, Fortified Loincloth
  • Giant Cave: Mountain Bears and Giants
Contains various items, some of thems: Ring of Might, Ring of Devastation, Set of Studded Knuckle Dusters, Full Plate Armor
  • Huge Cave: Up to 5 Dragons
??? items
  • Ruins (for gnomes, barbarians, rogues, elves and rangers only! Note you have to be level 20 or higher to find it.)
Flowering Sporeweeds and a Doppleganger
Contains Mystic Dagger, Mystic Quiver or Mystic Axe
  • Dragon Pit: Up to ??? Dragons
Contains various items, some of them: Beard rings, Ring of Fortitude, Bellanite Shard, Teevus Wand, Nevryl Bracers.


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