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Abilities are skill sets that heroes begin with or can learn and develop. Certain abilities are not available to all heroes. The abilities in Heroes of Ardania are listed below. Certain abilities are also applicable to creatures and monsters.

Common Abilities

Spell Casting

All Classes. Learned automatically or at Wizards Guild

Spell casting allows heroes to cast spells in combat provided that a spell is readied for combat. Since spells are very important for combat purposes, this ability is crucial to the success of the hero.

Obtaining this ability

  • Begin with the ability: Hero classes that start out in level 1 with one or more spell in the spell book already have this ability. (Cultist, Healer, Monk, Priest, Wizard)
  • Automatically at certain level: Some hero classes automatically learn spellcasting upon reaching a certain level (either level 3 or 4) during which a new spell is automatically earned. (Adept, Paladin, Solarus)
  • Learn at the Wizards Guild: The rest of the classes may learn spellcasting at the wizards guild for 1000 gold. In order to learn spellcasting, the hero must have an intelligence of 11 or higher. Those who do not have 11 intelligence must first train their intelligence at the Valmorgen library.


All Classes. Trained at the Hero's Rest Inn (Central Plains) or Dwarven Engineer (Magic Bazaar in Lormidia)

Craftsmanship determines how proficient a hero is at schematics purchased from Valmorgen's library. A craftsmanship of at least 1% is required to purchase schematics. The level of craftsmanship relates to the chances of having a hero successfully carry out the schematic's instructions. Success in using the schematic occurs if the value of [ Craftsmanship + (Intelligence / 2) - Random(1-20) ] is greater than the difficulty of the schematic x 3. Therefore, it is advisable that heroes train their craftsmanship to a sufficiently high level to guarantee success in using high-level schematics.

Obtaining this ability


All Classes. Trained at the Rogues Guild

Stealing allows heroes to steal items from shops. This skill is very valuable in the early game when gold is low. Unfortunately, only rogues and elves begin with this ability. Increasing one's stealing ability level increases the chances of successfully stealing from a shop, although certain shops such as Fletchers R Us are seemingly impossible to steal from.

Resist Critical Hit

All Classes. Automatic ability

Resist critical hit determines the damage a hero takes in the event of suffering from a critical hit. The amount of damage suffered is the percent of the hero's maximum HP equal to (100% - resist critical hit). The resist critical hit value is automatically determined by the amount of armor carried by the hero: 5%*(armor value) + 10%*(enchantment). The value is thus modifying within combat if a spell modifies the armor value. A high resist critical hit value is desirable when fighting enemies with the critical hit ability, such as barbarians, warriors of discords, and monks and creatures such as Ratman Stalkers. Heroes or creatures with 0% critical hit resist die instantly by a critical hit.

Class-Unique Abilities

Critical Hit

Monks, Barbarian, Warriors of Discord only

The Critical Hit ability determines the percentage chance of landing a critical hit if the hit is successful. The amount of damage done by a critical hit is determined by the critical hit resistance of the opponent. (see below)

Inreasing Critical Hit

  • Barbarians: +1% every level
  • Monks: +1% every 2 levels
  • Warrior of Discord: +1% every 3 levels


Elves only

Allows hero to perform in Inns and other locations to earn gold. This ability is useful in the beginning when gold is low. Entertaining earns more gold per turn than guard duty at the Valmorgen gates.


Dwarf and Gnomes only

Allows hero to be employed in construction duty at the Valmorgan Palce to earn gold. This ability is useful in the beginning when gold is low. Construction earns more gold per turn than guard duty at the Valmorgen gates.

Immunity to Poison

Dwarf, Cultist, Warriors of Discord only

Allows hero to be unaffected by poison. Heroes with this ability will take no poison damage in combat. Useful when fighting poison-armed opponents such as flesh reapers and other heroes.


Obtained by equipping certain items such as the Golem Sledge

A weapon imbued with this ability will always inflict maximum damage.

Attack Multiple Enemies

Warriors of Discord only (Naturally); can be obtained through items

Allows warriors of discord to attack three different opponents at once.

Double Attack

Adepts only (Naturally); can be obtained through items

Allows the adept attack a single opponent two times. While only adepts can use this ability, other heroes can effectively attain double hits through other means. For example, the Rage of Krolm enchantment obtained at the Temple to Krolm, and the Greatbow of Speed both offer identically effects to the Double Attack.


Healers and Cultists only

Allows the hero to plant herbs for experience.


Rangers and Rogues only

Allows the hero to harvest herbs in areas such as the Trelden Wood. Harvested herbs can be brewed into useful items by the alchemist located in Lichfield Hollow.

Looting Gravestones

Rogues only

Allows the rogue to gain gold by looting gravestones.


Healers only

Allows the healer to be instantly resurrect after dying. The number of rebirths is dependent on the level.

Journey to Distant Lands

Rangers only

Allows rangers to travel certain areas such as the Darkmoor Swamp and Goblin Territory with ease.

Combat Luck

Gnomes only

Increases combat proficiency to aid the Gnome in combat.

Club Attack

Barbarians only

Provides barbarians with an automatic +10 to damage. This ability was implemented to reflect the axe and club combination in Majesty and to rebalanced the axe, which previously had 10 more damage than it does now, as a single-handed weapon.


Barbarians only

Hero does not always get killed when he loses a battle, but has a chance to fall unconscious instead. The hero loses only 1 turn upon each fall and is automatically revived at maximum health. Begins at 20% and increases with each level.