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Welcome to the HoA Wiki!

This Wiki is dedicated to the Heroes of Ardania online game, at HoA is based upon Majesty, the Fantasy Kingdom Sim, by Cyberlore Studios. The purpose of the HoA Wiki is to be the ultimate source for everything HoA - from playing techniques to a complete and updated item database, from a complete quest walkthrough to a detailing of the combat code.

If you want to contribute, please read the help page, which should include everything you need to know about creating and editing a page in this wiki.

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Spoiler Warning : The following articles may contain spoilers about game content!

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About HoA

Heroes of Ardania is a roleplaying game based on the fictional land of Ardania, where you select a hero class from the game Majesty the Fantasy Kingdom Sim, and play the role of the hero; as opposed to Majesty, where you have little to no control. You can adventure, work, fight or quest to your heart's content. The game is turn-based whereas one turn is generated per hour.