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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Stop the Ratman Raids

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Stop the Ratman Raids is a quest that starts in the Goblin Ghetto of Mayhew.

Note: If you have both this quest and the Goblin Chest Quest ("Grease That Palm Again") active, you'll be unable to receive the reward for this quest even if you have completed it until you have also completed the Goblin Chest quest.
Note: When you complete this quest you are no longer able to travel through the Sewer Tunnels from Valmorgen to Mayhew and vice-versa.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

To initiate the quest, visit the goblin ghetto in Mayhew. Keep exploring until you run into a Goblin Champion, who directs you to his chief. As you talk to the Goblin Chief, he will explain that he has a task that he needs done:

Goblin Chief: "I thought you'd never ask. Yep, a quest. With a reward, too. It's simple. This city has sewers. As always, they're infested by our enemies, the Ratmen. The current Duke's grandfather blocked off all ratman-sized entrances to it. Unfortunately, a recent earthquake broke one of the main pipes, and the hairballs have started raiding us from there. I could send out my own guards, but they're too valuable. If you put a stop to their raids, I'll pay you with a magical amulet that makes you as strong as a Goblin. Also, I'll make you an honorary member of my tribe."

If you did not converse well with the Chief, he will have his men throw you out and you'll lose nearly all your health. If you manage to not anger the chief and decide to accept the quest, the next step is to obtain the necessary explosives at the friendly alchemist in Lichfield Hollow. Head to Lichfield and ask the alchemist for explosives. He'll agree to sell you explosives for a certain (reasonable: 100+300 gold) price.

Now, head back to Mayhew and start the assault on the broken sewer main. Fight your way through three waves of Ratmen, including several Ratman Champions, to reach your target. If you brought explosives with you, you can complete the quest by sealing the pipe. (If you did not obtain the explosives, you'll be unable to complete the mission.)

Head back to the Goblin Chief to take your award. He won't be very interested in talking to you, but you will receive your Rockgnaw Honor Token which makes you an honorary member of their tribe. After completing the quest you can sell the token, you can now purchase and sell items at the Goblin Shop.