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Quest Summary

Obtaining: Visit the Royal Rat-Catcher after completing the Gargantuan Rat quest.
Message when obtained: I received word that a ratman patrol passed by here not long ago. Go hunt them down!
Journal entry: Eliminate the Ratman Patrol.
Completing the quest: Adventure in the sewers until you find the ratman patrol event, choose "Begging for mercy, rodents? Die, sewer scum!" and defeat the 3 Ratman.
Reward: 300 gold

To use this template, please use the following code:

{{quest|Obtaining|Message when obtained|Journal entry|Completing the quest|Reward}}

Obtaining should include the location, NPC and any requirements to the quest (if there are any)

Message when obtained should be just what the NPC says when you get the quest.

Journal entry should include the line in your journal about the quest.

Completing the quest should include the detailed way(s) of completing the quest. If there's a specific trick to making the quest easier, or if there's anything you should avoid doing, add it here.

Reward if the reward isn't gained as soon as you finish the quest, this is where you add how to collect the reward (obviously, you should include the actual reward as well)