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The Gnome Collector Part II

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"The Gnome Collector" is the second quest given by the NPC of the same name. He is found in the ratman portion of the Sewer Tunnels.

Summary and Walkthrough

After agreeing to find at least one of each of the other junk pieces found in Ardania, the player is sent out to find:

  • Broken Mirror
  • Bronze Plaque
  • Cracked Hourglass
  • Cracked Statue
  • Dead Squirrel
  • Leaky Hose
  • Torn Calendar
  • Torn Saddle
  • Worn Hat
  • Wrecked Plough

After collecting each and returning to the Gnome Collector the player is rewarded with a permanent +2 bonus to a primary attribute of his/her choice (STR, INT, WIL, VIT or ART).