A Matter of Luck(Goblin)

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"A Matter of Luck" is the second quest in a sequence which will allow the player to enter Mayhew through the sewers by defeating the ratmen in the Sewer Tunnels. It parallels the quest of the same name in the ratman sequence.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

After completing the Goblin Traitor quest the player may return to be asked to find some goblin priests concerned with a leprechaun in the tunnels. Upon finding the priests the player will begin searching for a leprechaun encounter which will yield some residue that the goblins were looking for. It must be returned to the priests in order to continue to Ratmen Reinforcements.

Note: The alternative to collecting the residue is to collect a living leprechaun. No idea yet how this is done, but if you find our share!