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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

A Priest for the Valmorgen Mausoleum

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Obtaining the quest[edit]

Visit the Valmorgen Mausoleum.
Note: This quest is not available for classes that cannot enter the Mausoleum; the Paladin, Monk and Healer.

  • Message when quest is obtained:
When you enter the Mausoleum you are surprised to notice the walls are covered entirely in blood. You would have expected a Mausoleum to be creepy, but this certainly beats you expectations. Someone who seems to be in charge of cleaning the mess runs up to you.
"Hero, you wouldn't expect to know a Priest who could do the resurrection ritual, do you? Our current one got caught by a Ratman, as you might be able to see, and the grand opening of this Mausoleum is near."
"The Sovereign will have my head if I cannot properly offer resurrection services in Valmorgen according to schedule."
"I've already asked everyone here in Valmorgen, even the ones at the temple at Krypta, but nobody is available. We need to find a suitable Priest or Priestess outside of the city. Could you keep on the lookout for one? I will make it worth your while, and of course without Priest this Mausoleum cannot offer you resurrection services!"
  • Journal entry: "The Mausoleum of Valmorgen is desperately looking for a new Priest now that their current one is killed. They searched all over Valmorgen, so you have to look outside of the city. Now where would you find a Priest?"


Find the Priestess in the Graveyard. She will tell you that a candidate can be found in the Catacombs. Search for him in the Catacombs (Flesh Hunter) and he'll follow you back to Valmorgen.

You will need to find your way out of the Catacombs, then from the Graveyard (the usual way to Central Plains will be unavailable) and finally you will have to explore the Central Plains to take the 'back roads' to Valmorgen. Throughout your travels together, you must keep your new follower alive, a task made somewhat easier by his relatively large pool of hit points and regeneration ability. Should he die, he will send you a message "You said you would protect me! You can find me in the Catacombs when you are ready."

Random encounters can be avoided by using Potions of Monster Detection. But you can't avoid fighting by these encounter, you will encounter Veteran Heroes (includes 3 Fighters, a Veteran Fighter and 2 Archers) or ( 2 Elite Fighters and 2 Marksmen).

Upon arrival at the Valmorgen City Gates, you will need to persuade guards to let you in. Tell the guard there that "he is here to work at the Mausoleum" and then afterward, "The Priestess verified he is okay". Do not choose any violent responses, or you will be killed before you have the chance to fight.


  • Revive spell - 1 charge.
  • In addition, heroes will be able to purchase more charges at 3000 Gold each at Level 8 with an increase in cost of 250 Gold for each subsequent level (the idea is to do this quest early; at Level 38 for example, each Revive spell costs 10,500 Gold!)}}