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Adept Class Guide

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See Also: Adept Class Profile

The Adept is a very proficient class for all occasions, due to their superior combination of H2H, dodge, and parry. Although staves are low in damage as melee weapons, the Adept more than makes up for this due to their double attack skill, which permits them to strike twice per combat round.

The Adept's special weapon, the Tempest Shaft, is a mighty weapon, one of the best that can be crafted. It allows the Adept to cast the devastating Lightning Storm spell which can clear away large groups of enemies, in addition to giving the Adept something to do during the first three ranged rounds. Lightning Storm become less useful later on since the Adept is not an Intelligence-based class, but proficiency in melee increases drastically over time, partly due to a good selection of items. The Adept's primary attribute of strength also combines well with the the double-strike ability in increasing damage output.

The Adept's Thallis-obtained gear have a strong emphasis on defense, both conventionally and unconventionally. Many of the class-specific provide significant boosts to parry, dodge, and magic resistance, permitting the Adept to gain extremely high defensive values. When high defense is not enough, the Armor of Illusions essentially cuts down incoming damage by half, from all attacks that have a specific target.

High defensive combat stats obtained both initially and eventually from class-unique items makes the Adept very proficient in melee. Later on, the Adept can obtain extremely high parry values from such items, augmented by the Aura of Victory. With very high defense, a fully equipped Adept can become immune to a large number of opponents in melee combat.


Below are the optimal items for each category, as well as other notable items. See also: items usable by Adept.

Lunas Staff (Damage: 13, H2H +10, Parry +10, STR +8), Shadow Staff (Damage: 10, H2H +15, PAR +15, DOD +15).
Mithril Studded Leather Armor (Armor: 6, DOD +10) (embed 3x Goblin/Golem/Skull Beard Rings). The most useful customization is likely 3x Skull Beard Rings. With 3x Skull Beard Rings (+15 MGR total), the +10 Dodge benefit of this armor outweighs the slightly higher armor value of the Medusa Mail. Even after getting the Armor of Illusions, keep a Mithril Studded Leather Armor with 3x Skull Beard Rings if high magic resist would be beneficial.
Medusa Mail (Armor: 7, MGR +15).
Leather Scale Mail (Armor: 7) (embed 3x Goblin/Golem/Skull Beard Rings). During the early game, the 3x Goblin beard ring combination provides a good boost to carrying capacity.
Should use Farmer's Cloak, Protective Cloak or Sneaky Reinforced Cloak until above item is obtained.
Until the circlet is obtained, the Battered Crown or the Bandanna of Frost are usually best.
  • Belt: Belt of Dodging (DOD +20, PAR +20, H2H +10, STR +16, MGR +5, SPD +1; Thallis item).
Belt of Brawling (embed a "Might" accessory which gives PAR +5, H2H +20, STR+16, DMG +1).
Belt of Rage is useful early on.
  • Footwear: Boots of Lunord (Armor: 2, PAR +10, DOD +15, MGR +5, Damage +1, Speed +2);.
War Chargers (Armor: 3, HTH +10, STR +4).
  • Glove: War Gauntlets (embed 2x Ratman Beard Rings).
  • Armband: Night Bracers (MGR +10, PAR +5; Thallis item) (embed 2x Ratman Beard Rings).
Nevryl Bracers (MGR +5) or Mithril Bracers (PAR +5) until the Night Bracers are obtained.
  • Necklace: Moon Amulet (DOD +20, PAR +20, MGR +20, H2H +10, ARM +2; Thallis item).
Should also carry other necklaces, such as Rezzenthells Spellkiller and later the Dwarven Locket for certain occasions.
If the Moon Amulet is not yet available, but the Ring Amulet is, embedding either of the 2 rings will give you (in total) the following boosts:
RA + Ring of Protection - DOD +15, PAR +15, MGR +15, ARM +3
RA + Dark Band - DOD +15, PAR +15, MGR +5, ARM +1, H2H +10, RNG +10, DMG +2