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The Alchemist.


As you approach the alchemist's shop, you hear a small explosion coming from within.
Obviously, there's a reason this building is far from the other buildings.

The door opens, and an old, bent man comes out, along with a whole lot of smoke.
When he finally stops coughing, he asks: "Can I help you?"


The Alchemist, named Hexenthell, resides in Lichfield Hollow accessed through Treldan Wood. He can make a number of items for you if you bring him the proper reagents and gold.

Services Offered[edit]

Dialogue with NPC[edit]

First Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "Who are you?"
  • NPC Response: It takes a moment for him to understand your question. Apparently, his ears are still ringing from the explosion. "Who, me? I'm Hexenthell, grandson of Rezzenthell!"

Second Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "What exactly are you doing here?"
  • NPC Response: He stands up straight when he proudly proclaims: "I'm the alchemist of Lichfield Hollow! It is my solemn duty to uncover the secret of turning gold into lead!"
  • Hero Inquiry: "Euh... don't alchemists generally try to turn lead into gold, not the other way around?"
  • NPC Response: "Exactly! But someone has to preserve the balance, right? Otherwise, we soon won't have any lead left!"
  • Hero Inquiry: "So, had any luck so far??"
  • NPC Response: He sadly shakes his head. "Unfortunately not. And my experiments cost a lot. So, I'm forced to act as the town pharmacist. My grandpa taught me a few useful recipes. It also keeps the townsfolk from throwing me out because of the explosions."

Third Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "What was that explosion just now?"
  • NPC Response: He sighs. "Yet another failed experiment... and yet more valuable ingredients down the drain. Not to mention the ruining of my kitchen... again."

Fourth Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "I'm curious. Just what exactly can you help me with?"
  • NPC Response: He counts the ways he can help you on his fingers. "Firstly, I make a mean Regeneration Elixir. Heals you right up. Problem is, I'm a bit too old to acquire its primary ingredient - extract of the Swamp Troll - so you'll have to get some. Two doses will do. And a 150 gold donation, of course. Secondly, I've found a way to refine the venom of some of the local Giant Spiders. The process is expensive, and it requires three doses of venom, but the result is one of the most powerful poisonous compounds in all of Ardania. I charge a fee of 540 gold for that. Thirdly, there are many beneficial plants growing in Treldan Wood. I'm sure you noticed them, if you know your woodslore that is. I'll turn them into Healing Elixirs if you bring me two plants and 100 gold. I can also make poison out of some weeds out in the swamp, same price and requirement."

Fifth Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "Euh, I have need of some explosives to blow up a sewer entrance..."
  • NPC Response: He thinks a bit. "Explosives? I don't deal in those. That would be...uhh...irresponsible. Yep, that's it." He smiles expectantly.
  • Hero Inquiry: "All right, all right, I get it. Is 100 gold enough to suspend your principles a bit?"
  • NPC Response: He thinks a bit. "Hmmm, that might be just enough. Explosives, you say? I could get you some - for 300 gold."

Sixth Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "I'll be going now."
  • NPC Response: [Terminates Conversation.]