Amulet of the Apprentice

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The Amulet of the Apprentice is a quest available in Lormidia.

Quest Walkthrough[edit]

To initiate the quest, visit the Gnome Hovel in Lormidia. Dwarves and Elves, being adverse to Gnomes, will not be able to partake the quest for that reason. Upon visiting the gnome hovel, the gnome apprentice will ask you to find her lost amulet.

The poor little Gnome's crying. "I am the Gnome Mystic's Sub-Apprentice's Sub-Sub-Apprentice's Apprentice! I came here to study magic, but now I've lost my Amulet of Coal Summoning! Will you help me get it back, pleeeeeeease??? Pretty Please?"

The next step is to investigate the dark alley. There you will gain knowledge to access the Lormidia Sewers. Since the sewers contain some powerful enemies, weaker heroes should not attempt this quest, especially in the early stage of the game. Also, heroes can not exit the sewers without finding two randomly-spawned items, which means you may be down there for more than 100 turns. Most heroes lower than 15th level should therefore bring, at the very least, 100-150 healing potions.

Once you are in the sewers, you will eventually come across a leprechaun, who holds the sign:

aT/h2ec bcso rarhe.cctx epqo-tr mi@sv if iofvt*y&sti^x-!

The above message contains a clue that you must decipher. After receiving the clue, you should eventually run into a room of pots. Applying the information given by the clue will lead you to chose the correct pot to retrieve the Amulet of Coal Summoning. When that is done, return to the Gnome Hovel and claim your reward of a Greater Belt of Tenacity.