Anvil Journey

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Item type: Footwear

The Anvil Journey boots got their name after the trek of Barbarians to Krolm's Anvil, where these boots helped with during the perilious journey. Not all Barbarians survive the journey, so often many of these would fall in non-Barbarian hands. Still, the largest documented stack of Anvil Journey boots lies in Thallis, where on a full moon regiments of Barbarians died in a mysterious attack, twisting not only the Barbarians involved, but also their boots they were wearing. These boots contain a strange socket, which however doesn't fit any known Dwarven Beard Rings.

Usable by Barbarian
Item weight 0.15
Armor value 0
Effects Magic Resist +15, Damage +2, Strength +12.
SocketingThis item is socketable
Sockets: 1 slot (accepts the Barbarian Beard Ring)
Schematic for embedding items into sockets:
Imp Schematic
Acquired fromThallis (Temple to Krolm)
Sell infoMarketplace (3750 gold), (Merlan's Shop (5625 gold), Nomad Outpost's Shop (7125 gold)