Apprentice Spellbook (item)

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Item type: Artifact

This spellbook allows any Hero to use the Wizard spells FireShield, Resist Magic and FireBlast. Holds a maximum of 1000 charges.

Usable by All classes
Item weight 0.3
Effects Allows the user to cast Resist Magic, FireShield, FireBlast spells when the item is readied for combat. Holds a maximum of 1000 charges.
Acquisition Crafted using the Apprentice Spellbook schematic.
Required ingredients: Splinter of Combustion, Splinter of Burning, Blue Charm, Blank Spellbook.
Sell info4 gold per charge at Nomad's Outpost Shop

Gameplay notes[edit]

  • In terms of Gameplay value, this item is generally regarded as useless because the charges are quickly drained and the FireBlast attack spell is weak compared to other readily available spells such as Lightning Storm.
  • As with spells from charged items, spells cast by artifacts aren't influenced by a hero's INT.