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Ascend the Wizard's Tower

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The Wizard's Tower in Lormidia.

In this quest, the player must ascend the Wizard's Tower in Lormidia. Completion of this quest allows weapons and armor to be enchanted to +4. Heroes must be at least level 12 in order to receive this quest.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

To initiate the quest, visit the tower and rest there until the wizard yells at you from the tower, through his 'mocretni metsys' (Intercom System, spelled backwards). After a bit of dialog, the quest will be established that you should take the package to the top of the tower. Sounds simple, right?

Start the quest by entering the tower. The goal is to pass through all four levels of the tower, with each level of increasing difficulty. On each level, there will be a set of doors, each of which yields a random event. The most desirable event is the one in which opening the door leads to combat and afterward, the stairway to the next level is revealed. In this event, you must defeat the monsters in order to advance. Advancing is not possible in the case of drawn battles or if the enemy flees (such as in the case of leprechauns). The other events include finding no passageway after combat, a treasure chest (which might just teleport you to Valmorgen) and falling down to the previous level.

It is also important to note that the selection of doors has no bearing on the outcome of the event. Each door has identical chances for each event, as reflective of the actual scenario. When you have reached the fourth level, successfully defeating the warlocks will yield the passage to the highest level, which is the completion of the quest.

Upon reaching the top level, the wizard tells you about the content of the box: "It's called an 'Azzip', and I need it for some important magic I'm researching." (The 'Azzip' is an obvious reference to "Pizza", spelled backward). Unfortunately, he will be reluctant to enchant your weapon. If you manage to sufficiently annoy him, he will cast change of heart on you and you'll find yourself at the inn. The good thing, though, is that if you visit the wizards guild after the completion of this quest, you'll find the option of enchanting items to +4.

After the completion of the quest, you will no longer be able to enter the tower.

Game Developers Comment: The reason some of the words are spelled backwards is to simulate the fact that your hero has never heard of the unusual items or phrases the wizards uses (even though the player has).

Enemies in the Tower[edit]

The wizards tower contains four levels, each of increasingly difficult enemies. All levels, excluding the 4th level, contain leprechauns which you must kill in order to progress. On the 4th level you have to kill 2 Warlocks to reach the top of the tower. Other enemies, representative of the progression of difficulty, include:

Level 1: Plague Bearer, Troll, Leprechaun
Level 2: Medusa, Minotaur, Leprechaun
Level 3: Flesh Hunter, Greater Wight, Flowering Sporeweeds, Leprechaun Chieftain
Level 4: Flesh Hunter, Doppleganger, Black Phantom, Warlock

The Warlock, in particular, has exceptionally high magic resistance, high intelligence and has a wide assortment of offensive spells (vortex, change shape, summon spider, radiate energy). Therefore, heroes that rely on magic attacks must almost certainly rely on hand-to-hand to defeat the warlocks. Enchantments, the Potion of Dirgo Strength, and the Shapeshift Tincture and items such as the Ring of Might are helpful in boosting hand-to-hand capabilities. And don't forget to pack some Anti-Magic Gems.

Game Developers Comment: The Warlock encounter on the 4th level has a special safeguard to prevent XP farming of the summoned spiders and warlocks. If the hero takes too many attempts to defeat the monsters, the encounter starts getting more difficult.