Axe of Power

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Item type: WeaponAxe

This double headed axe is constructed of a gold hilt with gleaming silver blades. However both are far stronger metals than any gold or silver you've ever encountered before. Numerous gemstones glitter along its length.

Usable by Barbarian, Warrior
Item weight 1.5
Damage 16
Effects Strength +1
Level 5
Acquired fromCatacomb (Tombs), The Royal Timekeepers' Basement, Fertile Plains (Escort the Caravan, Ruined Altar), Lormidia Sewers (Rust Spitter Nest), Hellfire Mountains South (Giant Cave), Hellfire Mountains East (Grove of Daemonwood), Darkmoor Swamp (Swamp Hermit)
Sell info1200 gold (Blacksmith)