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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Axe of the Covenant Quest

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The Axe of the Covenant Quest is the second quest given by the Dwarven Blacksmith in Valmorgen. It is started by finishing the Longsword of True Valour Quest and asking about the second Glowing Pommel Gem.

As with the first quest, the reward is the weapon in question - the Axe of the Covenant - a good weapon for Barbarians otherwise just worth its weight in gold.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

The Quest Giver[edit]

After finishing the Longsword of True Valour Quest you have a spare Pommel Gem. Asking the Dwarven Blacksmith in Valmorgen about it starts the Axe of the Covenant Quest. As with the Longsword of True Valour Quest you need to find out where the other parts are hidden. Since you already have the first part, you only need to find two more parts.... Additionally, the Dwarven Blacksmith will charge a service fee of 3000 Gold for this work. Only upon agreeing to this term will the quest be given.

The Haft of the Axe of the Covenant[edit]

As is to be expected, the Gossiping Women in Lichfield Hollow know more about the whereabouts of one of the parts - even though they do not seem to realise it:

After some internal squabbling, one of the women tells you:
"Naah, never heard of it. I did hear this interesting rumor about some old madman the other day. Turns out he went bonkers the day he picked up some weird red stick. Now he spends all day scaring travelers and spraying muck on them.
My grandpa's sister's third husband's grandchild's nephew's milkmaid told me yesterday."

Who could they be talking about? Read it and weep.

The Blade of the Axe of the Covenant - Part 1[edit]

After retrieving the Blood-Red Axe Haft you need to find a new clue. The Map Maker in Mayhew seems to be involved in this quest. Unfortunately, he does not have any relevant information at the moment:

He scratches his leg.
"No, not really. Tell you what, I'll ask around. Maybe I'll find something out."

A nearby NPC offers a better clue. You may not expect it, but the Ducal Adviser in the Mayhew Keep can be awakened by asking about the axe:

"He wakes up a bit more. "As a matter of fact, I do. The old Duke was quite the collector of ancient artifacts, and I habitually still check for interesting rumors. That's why I heard about this small herd of Minotaurs who fled to the Central Plains recently, apparently with an axe blade of some sort, but blood-red!"

Central Plains here we come! After searching around for some time you come up to the following scene:

In the distance, you see a small group of Minotaurs. You sneak closer, and one of them appears to have a blood-red axe blade!

After defeating the 7 Minotaurs you get the Blade of the Axe of the Covenant. Or do you?

You quickly loot the minotaur's axe blade. To your dismay, it's only half an axe blade! Now where could the other half be...

Oh dear.

The Blade of the Axe of the Covenant - Part 2[edit]

Remember the Map Maker in Mayhew? Maybe he found something out?
And indeed:

He smiles knowingly.
"Actually, I do know something. I have heard there's a nasty critter in the Ratman Kingdom, eats rats by the score, they say. It also ate the rat who had half of the axe blade. Kill that beastie, and maybe you'll find it."

Eating rats? Yuck! Nasty critter, indeed. Let's see what's stalking the Ratman Kingdom

Suddenly, ratmen run in all directions. You hear a multi-headed roar from up ahead - looks like you're in for a fight if you go that way.

It's a Hydra!

Be sure to stock up on healing before taking ths guy (girl?) on! Or have a high dodge. That ranged attack hurts.

Scrounging through the Hydra victim's half-eaten remains, you find the other half of the axe blade!

With the second piece of the blade found and at least 3000 Gold in your coffers, let's get back to our grumpy Dwarf.

The Reward[edit]

The Dwarf smiles. "Ye have everything, I see. Shall I re-forge it now?"

Please do!

After a few hours of hard work (his, this time) he hands you a beautifully crafted axe.
"Here ya go, nice working with ya!"

Thank you.
Off to the blacksmith - let's sell this loot! Unless you're a Barbarian, of course. The Axe of the Covenant sells for 7500 gold.