Baldric of Feathers (item)

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Item type: Accessory

This wide, silver belt looks as if it is made entirely of large, silver feathers. However, any Cultist wearing it soon discovers its true power. In combat, the Hero can snatch a fist full of feathers from the belt with each hand and hurl them at all surrounding enemies, whom they strike with the force of daggers. The Baldric is further enchanted to have the feathers grow back in a short while, thus providing its wearer with unlimited ammunition. As an extra bonus, Cultists can socket one Black or Carved Accessory into the Baldric.

Usable by Cultist.
Item weight 0.08
Effects H2H +5, Dagger Storm
SocketingThis item is socketable
Sockets: 1 slot (for a Black or Carved item)
Schematic for embedding items into sockets:
Improved Baldric of Feathers schematic.
Acquisition Crafted using the Baldric of Feathers schematic.
Required ingredients: Mystic Belt, Silver Griffon Feathers, Shard of Assimilation, Silver Band
Upgrades to Enchanted Baldric of Heavy Feathers
Sell infoMarketplace, Gnome Hovel, Wizard Tower, Trading Post in Traveller's Dell (7500 gold)