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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Barbarian Class Guide

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See also: Barbarian Class Profile

As in Majesty, the Barbarian is an unconventional hero. Barbarians hate armor and rely on their boosted melee damage and critical hits to overcome adversaries. Unfortunately, in a game that values defense and will regularly see the hero alone and outnumbered, the Barbarian may find himself unable to smash his way out of every situation given his lack of armor.

List of advantages:
- Huge melee damage and good H2H;
- Good potential for multiple hits;
- Great against strong monsters (with critical hits);
- Large health pool (Vitality is primary stat);
- Good strength (despite VIT as primary stat);
- Quick battles;
- Fun playing style;
- Decent magic resist.

List of disadvantages:
- Bad against large groups;
- Lack of armour hurts in early & middle game;
- Death is more expensive (but this isn't significant in the long run).

Notes of advice for new barbarians:
- Throughout the game, try and top up your (large) health pool outside of battle with grubs and then health potions. Try to only use larger potions in battle as they are ~2x more expensive.
- For a Barbarian Invisibility gems are needed for most mid-late fights. With extreme damage output and a low parry, you'll rely on killing most - if not all - your foes before they see you.
- In order to reduce turns spent praying for the Rage of Krolm, collect Willpower boosting items and beard rings.

In the early game, Barbarians will need some creativity besides just relying on Hardiness to survive the sewers. Only a Barbarian who starts with an 11 INT (the highest possible starting value for his class) is eligible to learn Spell Casting. Even this Rhodes Scholar is 1250 gold away from casting FlameShield, and that's before he's spent the 500 gold for a Ring of Protection which would be advisable to get as soon as possible. This makes the Barbarian a challenging class to get started with.

Once the Barbarian can get a few levels under his belt, things start looking brighter. He only needs 1200 XP to level, so once he learns which fights to avoid, that should go pretty quick. He gets an additional 1% to Critical Hit with every level (till 100 max), so it won't be long before he gets that up to a respectable frequency, although be forewarned, some monsters are resistant or even immune to crits. His primary stat is Vitality, so his HP pool will grow rapidly. Later on, when his health is over 700 he can make great use of the Total Restoration Tincture.

Still, what to do about that lack of armor? The best choice is to obtain the Breechcloth of the Wilds, or barring that, a Wizards Robe, and have it enchanted. Items such as the War Gauntlets, War Chargers and Ring Amulet will help out, but armor deficiency is something the Barbarian will always struggle against. The armor deficiency makes him a vulnerable but interesting class to play during all stages of the game.

After defeating the Dauros's followers in the Paladin's Keep, the most reasonable aura to choose for this class would be the one of Victory. Though Aura of Might could seem more attractive because of so much desired WP bonus (for speeding praying to Krolm), you won't need the +4 INT bonus, can live without the +8 STR, and won't always run with the enchantment. While at least one from the HTH / DOD / PAR bonuses will be helpful in each battle.

Later on the Barbarian will have an exorbitant amount of weapon damage, enough to take out even a few Tower Golems in one fight. A limitation is the inability to use the Circlet of Lycanthropy and Boots of Lunord but the lack of these is offset by some good Thallis items which, although not for the most part making up for the Barbarian's defensive shortcomings, confer some excellent offense bonuses including Double Attack and Attack Multiple Foes. To enforce the Double Attack (and stop praying to Krolm for ridiculous amount of turns), in hard battles use the Tonic of Speed - so your total % will be as high as 65!


Below are the optimal items for each category, as well as other notable items. See also: items usable by Barbarian.

  • Weapon: Axe of Fury (Damage: 25, H2H +20, STR +16; Abandoned Library Schematic) → Axe of Frenzy (Damage: 30, H2H +30, STR +22; upgraded at Imp's Workshop).
Axe of Discretion (Damage:19, STR +15, H2H +15; Valmorgen Schematic). Optimal until Axe of Fury/Frenzy is obtained. Axe of the Covenant is a good early-game weapon.
Until then, use Enchanted Loincloth or Fortified Loincloth-the better of the two). Also Wizards Robe for +4 INT boost. Be sure to enchant Armor items at any Wizards Guild.
Should use Farmer's Cloak, Sneaky Reinforced Cloak or Protective Cloak until above item is obtained.
  • Headgear: Ritual Mask (Damage +3, Double Attack +15, Attack Multiple Foes +10; Thallis item).
Dwarven Headband (embed 3x Goblin/Golem/Skull Beard Rings). This item is typically the best item until the Mask is obtained.
Battered Crown (+10 Parry; Found at Ratman's Battleground) if you need Parry.
Early on, can use various Totemic Masks which give various bonuses depending on type. The best of the bunch for the Barbarian are the Totemic Mask of Earth (ARM +2) or the Totemic Mask of Fire (DMG +2).
Belt of Rage is useful early on.
War Chargers (Armor: 3, H2H +10, STR +4; Wizard Tower schematic).
  • Glove: War Gauntlets (embed 2x Ratman Beard Rings).
  • Armband: Armband of Destruction (Damage +3, Double Attack +10, Attack Multiple Foes +10; Thallis item) (embed 2x Ratman Beard Rings).
Mithril Studded Armband (PAR +10) (embed 2x Skull or Golem Beard Rings); is useful on special occasions (n.b. embed DBRs via the Enchanted Armor schematic, not the Socketing Manual).
Early on, Mithril Bracers (PAR +5) (embed 2x Ratman Beard Rings). Also Nevryl Bracers (MGR +5) (embed 2x Varg Beard Rings) for defense against Dragons.
Amulet of Destruction; Should also carry other necklaces, such as Rezzenthells Spellkiller or Dwarven Locket for certain occasions.
Black Stone (PAR +15) is usually best until the charm is obtained and in defensive scenarios, as is the Black Leaf (DOD +15) against Dragons etc.