Battle Axe

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Item type: WeaponAxe

This simple double headed axe is unwieldy but effective. Well, at least if you want to decapitate someone.

Usable by Warrior, Barbarian
Item weight 1
Damage 15
Effects none
Level 4
SocketingThis item is socketable
Sockets: 3
Schematic for embedding items into sockets:
Enchanted Axe
Acquired fromGoblin Territory, Catacombs, Treldan Wood (Werewolves' Hoard Lair), Fertile Plains (Ruined Shrine), Hellfire Mountains East (Goblin Burial Mound), Dark Forest (Brashnard Ruins), Darkmoor Swamp (Small Ship Remains), Witch King Ruins (Cocoon)
Sell infoBlacksmith, Trading Post in Traveller's Dell (600 gold).