Battle of the Plains

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The Battle of the Plains quest is given at the Embassy at East Cheswick, together with the outpost enlistment quest.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

Visit the Embassy at East Cheswick to inquire about the battle.

The battle occurs during every new (dark) moon, as indicated by the calendar shown in the game interface. That is, the battle is available only when the moon is fully dark.


To complete the battle, you must defeat a large number of enemies waves of creatures, listed below. Each of the groups consists of three identical waves of the listed monsters. Between each group of attackers (and before going to the first), you will be attacked by an additional wave of one of the groups listed in the Random Attacks list.

The Full battle duration is 24 turns, so plan and prepare accordingly (turns, enchantments, potions, etc.)! You will earn a lot of gold, so be sure you will be able to carry it (unless you are willing to drop the excess). Also take into consideration that if you're killed during one of the waves, you'll be able to continue from the same place, but only till the end of the same [calendar!] Battle. During the combat phases of the Battle of the Plains your combat stats are reduced by 10.

Main waves[edit]

Random attacks[edit]

After successful completion of the battle, you may go to the embassy to receive a Nevryl Artifact as a reward.

The Following buildings are closed in East Cheswick during the Battle of the Plains and do not function normally: Outpost, Morning Sun Inn, Eternal Flame Forge, Marketplace, Blaze of Glory Tavern, the four Guardhouses.