Belt of Brawling (item)

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Item type: Belt

A heavy belt made of leather and iron, it increases the melee combat skills of any Hero that wears it. It can also be socketed to allow for a sheath or holster to be attached.

Usable by Adept, Barbarian, Cultist, Dwarf, Gnome, Healer, Monk, Paladin, Solarus, Warrior, Warrior of Discord
Item weight 0.2
Armor value 1
Effects H2H +10, Parry +5, STR +8
SocketingThis item is socketable
Sockets: 1 slot (accepts a Scabbard, Sheath or Holster)
Schematic for embedding items into sockets:
Improved Belt of Brawling
Acquisition Crafted using the Belt of Brawling schematic.
Required ingredients: Ancient Belt of Godly Strength, Amulet of the Berserker, Goblin Beard Ring
Sell infoBlacksmith, Merlan's Shop (1500 gold)