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A common blacksmith.

Blacksmiths are shops where you can buy equipment, such as Weapons, Shields and armors. They will also buy these items plus your Armbands, Headgear, Belts or Headgear. Just like marketplaces, there are several identical blacksmiths in the major cities of Ardania: Valmorgen, Mayhew, Lormidia and East Cheswick.

You can sell items to the blacksmith for 3/4 of their cost, rounded down.

The blacksmith sells the following items:

Item (Price in gold)

Wooden Staff (100 gold)

Iron-Shod Staff (200 gold)

Fighting Staff (400 gold)

Axe (100 gold)

Heavy Axe (200 gold)

Broad Axe (400 gold)

Cheap Iron Dagger (20 gold)

Steel Dagger (40 gold)

Long Steel Dagger (80 gold)

Hammer (100 gold)

Steel-shod Hammer (200 gold)

War Hammer (400 gold)

Shortsword (100 gold)

Broadsword (200 gold)

Longsword (400 gold)

Mace (100 gold)

Weighted Mace (200 gold)

Spiked Mace (400 gold)

Blade-stick (100 gold)

Razor Blade-stick (200 gold)

Chaos Blade-stick (400 gold)

Longbow (100 gold)

Fine Longbow (200 gold)

Yew Longbow (400 gold)

Light Crossbow (100 gold)

Crossbow (200 gold)

Heavy Crossbow (400 gold)

Soft Leather Armor (50 gold)

Hard Leather Armor (100 gold)

Studded Leather Armor (200 gold)

Banded Armor (400 gold)

Leather Scale Mail (800 gold)

Leather Harness (250 gold)

Razor Harness (500 gold)

Wooden Buckler (50 gold)

Wooden Small Shield (100 gold)

Wooden Large Shield (200 gold)