Boots of Lunord

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Item type: Footwear

These boots you recovered in the Temple of the Winds in Gar Uta quite improve your speed, and thus also make you harder to hit.

Usable by All classes except Barbarian and Solarus
Item weight 0.15
Armor value 2
Effects Speed +2, Parry +10, Dodge +15, MGR +5, Damage +1
Acquisition Reward for completion of the quest The Dead Wander in Gar-Uta
Sell infoMayhew Marketplace / Wizard Tower (7500 gold); Nomad's Outpost (9500 gold).
NotesAlthough these boots cannot be worn by Barbarians or Solarii, if these heroes subsequently visit the Imp's Workshop the Imp will allow them to be exchanged, along with 25,000 gold coins, for an Imp Schematic and either a Barbarian Beard Ring or a Solarus Beard Ring.