Boots of Speed

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Item type: Footwear

Across the realm of Ardania, many forgeries of ancient relics can be found, which scrupulous vendors try to sell to unsuspecting heroes. These specific boots were sold as being the actual boots of Lunord, granting the user improved speed. When angry customers returned their item because it didn't have the power they were promised, the vendors pointed at their promise of improved speed, which these boots do grant, and won any legal accusations. While their combat use is meager, at least it's better than most forgeries going around. Adepts cannot use these items, since their own natural speed would burn them up.

Usable by All classes except: Adept.
Item weight 0.25
Effects Speed +1.
Acquisition In Venn's Spire, reward for completion of the Foul Play quest.
Sell infoMarketplace (50 gold), Wizard Tower (75 gold)