Brick of Power

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Type: Imp Workshop Ingredient

Weight: 0.5 ged

Description: Originally in the Barrows of Krolm's Anvil, an old sovereign's quest to raze them spread these over a wide area. Although they released most of their power in sending waves of foes toward that sovereign, they still contain small amounts of power that an other-worldly being might unlock.

Found: Krolm's Anvil (Ruined Altar), The Dead Wander in Gar-Uta quest escape sequence (abandoned house), Ruins of Thallis Sewers (Ratman Fortification)

Used for: Neckband of Smashing, Belt of Ravaging, Bracers of Celestial Might

Selling Prices: Merlan's Shop (22 gold), Nomad's Outpost Shop (28 gold).