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Armors are any items that occupy the armor slot when equipped. Nearly all armors improve your armor value, thus decreasing damage taken from enemy attacks. Enchanting your armor at a wizards guild will further improve your armor value. Some armors can be socketed and then embedded with magic items, giving more bonuses. Armor is divided into the types shown below. See also: shields

§ indicates that the number of sockets; Armor value shown in bold

Standard Armor[edit]

Adept, Cultist, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome,
Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Solarus, Warrior
Warrior, Dwarf,
Paladin, Elf, Solarus
Warrior, Dwarf, Paladin Warrior of Discord Monk, Priestess,
Wizard, Healer
Leather Chain Mail Plate Armor Harness Robe

Basic Armor Set - armor values increment by 1 for each item below the base
Soft Leather Armor, 3 §§§ Iron Chain Mail, 6 §§§ Partial Plate Armor, 10 §§§ Leather Harness, 5
Hard Leather Armor §§§ Steel Chain Mail §§§ Full Plate Armor §§§ Razor Harness §§§
Studded Leather Armor §§§ Enhanced Chain Mail §§§ Fine Steel Plate Armor §§§ Chaos Armor §§§
Banded Armor §§§ Mithril Chain Mail §§§ Mithril Plate Armor §§§ Ultra Chaos Armor §§§
Leather Scale Mail §§§ Impervious Chain Mail §§ Magic Plate Armor §§ Anti-Enthalpy Armor §§
Ultimate Chain Mail § Plate Armor of Destiny § Ultimate Chaos Armor §

Extended Set
Banded Armor of Sneaking
6, Artifice +5
Elven Chain Mail
12, MGR +5
Mithril Breastplate
11, H2H +10, Parry +5, Dodge +5, MGR +10
Ironcloth Robe, 1
Mithril Studded Leather Armor §§§
6, Dodge +10
Mithrilweave Robe, 2
Medusa Mail
7, Magic Resist +15
Wizards Robe (All Classes)
0 Int +4

Class-specific special armor[edit]

Armor Class Armor value Effects Location
Enchanted Loincloth Barbarian 0 HFM East, Treldan woods
Fortified Loincloth Barbarian 2 Comes with +4 enchantment HFM South, Ratman Battleground
Breechcloth of the Wilds Cultist, Barbarian 0 Artifice +8, Dodge +10, Parry +10 Schematic from Valmorgen: Mystic Belt, Token of the Forest, Alpha Mountain Lion Pelt
Breechcloth of the Desert Cultist, Barbarian 3 Artifice +10, Dodge +20, Parry +15, MGR +10 Upgraded at the Imp Workshop; requires: Cloth of Werewolf Fur, Minotaur Hide

Class-specific special armor found at the Ruins of Thallis[edit]

Armor Class Armor value Effects
Armor of Illusions Adept 3 Illusionary Hero
Bear Armor §§§ Cultist 8 STR +16, Parry +10, MGR +10
Lethargy Chain Mail Elf 14 Parry +10, Magic Resist +10, Dodge +10, Artifce +5
Plate Armor of the Dwarf Dwarf 18 Parry +10, Strength +2
Healer's Robe Healer 3 MRG +5
Blessed Magic Plate Armor Paladin 14 H2H +10, Ranged +10, Parry +15, Dodge +15
Robe of the Dead Priestess 2 Death Cry, Int +4
Ranger's Armor §§§ Ranger, 9 Ranged +20
Sneaking Armor §§§ Rogue 8 Invisibility, ART +10
Solarii Chain Mail Solarus 13 MGR +5, Int +4, H2H +5
Mithril Spiked Armor of Frenzy Warrior of Discord 9 Parry +5, H2H +10, MGR +5, Damage +4, Dodge -10
Master Wizard Robe Wizard 2 Int +4