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All current artifacts confer spells to the user. Currently, usable artifacts contain limited amount of charges and behave liked charged combat aids, with the exception that they are equipped in a different slot and that artifact-derived spells have top priority in terms of the sequence in which spells are cast, different from the sequence priority of readied charged items and other spells.

Important: as well as spells from charged items, artifacts' ones aren't influenced by hero's INT.

Standard artifacts[edit]

Artifact Effects Acquisition
Apprentice Spellbook Resist Magic, FireShield, FireBlast (1000 charges) Schematic from Abandoned Library: Splinter of Combustion, Splinter of Burning, Blue Charm, Blank Spellbook
Desert Artifact Lvl15 spell Apocalyptica (50 charges) Quest: The Desert Artifact
Restored Desert Artifact Apocalyptica (100 charges) Upgraded at Imp Workshop for 100000 gold. Requires according rumor from Thallis Inn.

Artifacts from holiday events[edit]

The following items are obtained from holiday events.

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