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Cloaks are worn around the back from the neck and may give some bonuses to the wearer. Most heroes first obtain cloaks while exploring the fertile plains.

Basic Cloaks[edit]

Cloak Class Effects Acquisition
Farmer's Cloak All Classes RNG +2, DOD +2, H2H +2, PAR +2 Foul Play (quest in Venn's Spire)
Forest Cloak All except Cultist Concealment Fertile Plains
Protective Cloak All Classes MGR +5 Fertile Plains
Sneaky Reinforced Cloak All except Spellcaster, Monk Armor +1, Artifice +10 Sunken City

Cloaks found at the Ruins of Thallis[edit]

Cloak Class Effects
Heroic Cloak Warrior Shield of Light, Armor +2
Sneaky Cloak of Greed Rogue Artifice +10, Armor +2, Luck +5, Magic Resist +5
Cloak of Avoidance Adept Parry +15
Wild Cloak Barbarian Parry +10, Dodge +10, Hand-to-hand +10, Magic Resist +10, Invisibility (45)
Varg Cloak Cultist Vitality +1, Armor +1, Stealth, Artifice +5
Cloak of the Sturdy Dwarf Armor +3
Lucky Reinforced Cloak Gnome Luck +10, Armor +1.
Healer's Cloak Healer Parry +10, MGR +10, Armor +1
Cloak of the Archer Ranger Attack Multiple Foes +10, Damage +1, Artifice -5
Cloak of the Mind Monk Willpower +8
Cloak of Holy Defense Paladin Armor +3, Parry +5
Cloak of Dread Priestess Int +8, Armor +1
Reinforced Cloak of the Forest Elf Artifice +12, Armor +1, Magic Resist +5, Camouflage
Cloak of Flames Solarus FireBall, Armor +1, Intelligence +4, Hand-to-hand +10
Spiked Cloak Warrior of Discord Damage +1, Critical Hit +2, Parry -5, Dodge -5
Cloak of the Mage Wizard Intelligence +4, Armor +2