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Gloves provide the wearer extra stats.

§ indicates that the glove is socketable, with two slots, using the "Socketing Manual" schematic.

Basic Gloves[edit]

Glove Class Effects Acquisition
Gloves of Deflection § All (Armor: 0) Parry +10 Fertile Plains, other locations
Gloves of the Dump All (Armor: 0) STR +2, MGR +2 The Gnome Collector quest
Silver Varg Gloves § Cultist, Elf, Ranger, Rogue (Armor: 0) Ranged +5 Fertile Plains, other locations
Spellcasting Gloves All (Armor: 0) Spell damage +1 Fertile Plains (Caravan), other locations
Rumble Mitts All except Ranger, Elf, Rogue (Armor: 1) Hand-to-hand +5, Strength +4 Fertile Plains (Caravan), Thallis Mausoleum

Gloves crafted using Wizard Tower Schematics[edit]

Glove Class Effects Acquisition
Arcane Gloves § Priestess, Wizard (Armor: 2) Int +4, Parry +10 Rumble Mitts, Spellcasting Gloves, Blue Charm
Silverhide Archer Gloves § Elf, Ranger, Rogue (Armor: 2) Ranged +10, Parry +10 Rumble Mitts, Silver Varg Gloves, Green Charm
War Gauntlets § Melee & Spellcasters (Armor: 2) Hand-to-hand +5, Parry +10, Strength +4 Rumble Mitts, Gloves of Deflection, Green Charm

Gloves found at the Ruins of Thallis[edit]

Glove Class Effects Acquisition
Chaos Gloves Warrior of Discord (Armor: 1) Damage +2, Double Attack +20, Parry -5, Magic Resist +10, Dodge -5, Hand-to-hand -5 Thallis Warriors Guild
Crossbow Gloves § Rogue (Armor: 2) Ranged +20, Parry +10 Thallis Rogues Guild
Gloves of Doom Priestess (Armor: 2) Int +8, Parry +10 Thallis Temple to Krypta
Gloves of Piyadasi § Monk (Armor: 2) Str +4, Willpower +4, Critical Hit +1, HTH +15 Thallis Temple to Dauros
Gnomish Rage Gloves Gnome (Armor: 0) Luck -12, Damage +6 Thallis Gnome Hovel
Golem Gloves Dwarf (Armor: 3) H2H +10, Parry +20, Strength +16 Thallis Dwarven Settlement