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The Charms are available in the Charming Charms in Lormidia and occasionally appear in the Trading Post in East Cheswick.

Necklaces usable by many or all classes[edit]

Necklace Effect Acquisition
Amulet of Teleportation Gives the "Teleport" Spell (Allows instant fleeing battles) Marketplace
Amulet of the Berserker Damage +5 Armor -2 Sunken City, Dark Forest, Desolate Wastelands
Lesser Amulet of Iron Will Willpower +2 Catacombs, Goblin Territory, Trading Post
Greater Amulet of Iron Will Willpower +5 Catacombs, Goblin Territory
Dwarven Locket MGR +40 Thallis Sewers, Krolm's Anvil
Leprechaun Talisman Luck +5 Leprechaun Valley, Trading Post
Neckband of Smiting Damage +2 HFM South (All Caves), HFM East, HFM East (Goblin Burial Mound), Witch King Ruins, Lormidia Sewers.
Neckband of Smashing Damage +5 Upgraded from the Neckband of the Smiting at the Imp's Workshop. Requires: Cursed Knife, Brick of Power.
Nevryl Amulet Socketable Found in Valley of Gur-Mechina Tomb Crypt, Buried Cathedral, HFM South. Socketted using the "Nevryl Amulet" Schematic from Valmorgen Library.
Ring Amulet Socketable, Dodge +5, Parry +5, MGR +5, Armor +1 Quest Reward. Socketted using the "Ring Amulet" Schematic from the Abandoned Library.
Rezzenthells Spellkiller MGR +25 Sunken City, Nomad Outpost Shop
Rockgnaw Honor Token STR +5 Quest Reward.
Token of the Forest Artifice +4, Dodge and Parry +5 HFM East, Treldan Wood
Unholy Symbol of Grum-Gog
Non-temple-affiliated classes only
INT -2, Willpower -5, Dodge and Parry -5, MGR -10. Goblin Shop in Mayhew, HFM East.
Amulet of Destruction
All except Int-based heroes
Stoneshredder Spell Dark Forest (Abandoned Altar, Daemonwood Grove), HFM North (Huge Ice Cave)


The following necklaces are purchasable from Charming Charms in the Magic Bazaar in Lormidia. The Black Charm is also found in the Wild Gardens. The charms may be used by any class.

Necklace Effect
Black Charm No effect
Blue Charm MGR +10
Green Charm Armor +4 & MGR -7
Purple Charm HP -5
Red Charm +2 Vitality
White Charm -2 Speed
Yellow Charm Dodge +7 & Parry -3

Class-specific necklaces[edit]

Ranger's Amulet Ranger Ranged +15, Attack Multiple Foes +20, Damage +2 Thallis Ranger's Guild
Moon Amulet Adept Dodge +20, Parry +20, MGR +20, Hand-to-hand +10, Armor +2 Thallis Temple to Lunord