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The temple blessing costs are currently incorrect. I believe correct blessing costs are:

  • Agrela Blessing 1100, Healing 1200, Resurrection 2500
  • Dauros Stoneskin 1200, Vigilance 1800
  • Fervus Healing 1200, Illusionary Hero 1300
  • Krypta Re-animate 2800
  • Anyone want to check my numbers? -- Daffydd

Petrify from temple of Daurus is cast on round 0, round 13 and round 25.

To Mishtar Mesudar: Where did you found all these new icons? For Death Cry or Insect Swarm, for example.

For Ossis[edit]

To Ossis: Starting from uploaded by another guys, and continuing by 2 or 3 from my old collection from alfa version of beloved Majesty. If it doesn't seem normally - o.k., we can roll back to pre-previous version.

From Ossis: Well, everything is fine... Except most of these pictures are not in game yet. I've uploaded icons I've made to provide them with reliable hosting place and because I thought developers would implement them (more or less) soon. But because Karmic appears only from time to time and he's got other things to do, only Fervus knows when this would be done. Also, Dark Forest Auras (in different topic) can't have icons because they're an abilities, not spells. It was a mistake to draw them from the very beginning.

P.S. Thank you for taking care of this wiki and it's horribly outdated articles =)

I think that the Lighting Storm has some limit of number of opponents hit (probably around six). It does not hit all of them, as the wiki states.

To Mishtar Mesudar: how did you figure out Abomination spell levels?:) (PS Brace yourself! the end of world is coming! A world wide reset, we are doomed :P) --Sir Prozous 16:41, 20 December 2012 (EST)

To Sir Prozous: They are relative between themselves. In accordance to 4 battles (meanwhile) statistics and to number of times when heroes have resisted each one of the three spells. It may be 1/3/5 or 3/5/7 or 11/13/15 also. --Mishtar Mesudar 08:44, 21 December 2012 (EST)