Chaos Bringer

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Chaos Bringer

The Chaos Bringer was a temporary NPC in Valmorgen. He appeared in the City Square in May 2006, to celebrate the New Chaos Festival. The festival marked the appearance of Golden Pots in Valmorgen, and eventually led to Leprechauns arriving and spreading all over Ardania.

New Chaos Festival[edit]

For two weeks during the New Chaos Festival, the Chaos Bringer could be seen in the Valmorgen City Square, drumming on the side of a pot and singing chaos-inspired versions of popular songs. When approached, he would explain that Fervus had decided to bring a New Chaos to Ardania, and that he had been chosen to distribute the Golden Pots of Chaos. When asked where said pots could be found, he nodded downwards, hinting at the Valmorgen Sewers.

After the end of the Festival, the Chaos Bringer disappeared from Valmorgen.

Golden Pots of Chaos[edit]

The Golden Pots of Chaos were special encounters in the Valmorgen Sewers. If a hero found such a pot and decided to take it, a group of Leprechauns would jump out. Most of them would flee while one would stay to steal the hero's gold. After the New Chaos Festival ended, the Pots disappeared from the Sewers. Instead, heroes would start encountering Leprechauns in several areas, at first in Valmorgen and later throughout all of Ardania.