Charm of Devastation

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Item type: Accessory

The Charm of Devastation is a poweful trinket said to be bestowed upon the world by Krolm himself. Filled with all his rage, very few humans can even bear the touch of this charm. His followers however are infused with power and strike with devastating powers, even if they suffer defensive penalties for doing so. As added boon holding it infuses axes with a magical boost.

Usable by Barbarian
Item weight 0.1
Effects Strength +8, Attack Multiple Foes +10, Double Attack +10, Magic Damage +1, Parry -10, Dodge -5
Acquired fromRuins of Thallis (Temple to Krolm)
Sell infoMarketplace (775 gold), Wizard Tower (1162 gold), Nomad's Outpost (1472 gold).
NotesThis item comes with a +1 enchant.