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Charming Charms

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Charming Charms Seller


As soon as you set foot into this store, you notice it: a huge oculus with an unknown coloration. You prepare to attack, but before you do, he looks at you and projects a strange, female voice you're sure you've heard somewhere before into your mind:

"Welcome, Hero. Would you care to peruse my selection of charms?"


Shop in the Magic Bazaar in Lormidia. You can buy charms here, for the price of 950 gold per charm.

You can also sell all charms, and several other items here (for 3/4 of their worth).
Sellable items: All charms, All necklaces (like Lucky Rabbits Foot, Amulet of Teleportation, Rockgnaw Honor Token), All rings (like Ring of Protection, Tholarian Signet Ring)


Red Charm

Blue Charm

Purple Charm

Green Charm

Yellow Charm

White Charm

Black Charm