Circlet of Lycanthropy (item)

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Item type: Headgear

A white, luminous headband which grants something that has never been done before: the controlled form of a Werewolf with none of the associated drawbacks. When in this form, the Hero will gain Regeneration that stacks with other items, +12 STR, +5 ART, +1 Armor and the ability to boost their physical combat skills with their Artifice (this last part abt ART doesn't work anymore).

Usable by All classes except Barbarian and Solarus
Item weight 0.1
Effects H2H +15, Ranged +15, Parry +15, Dodge +15.
User can cast Werewolf Form (STR +12, ART +5, Armor +1, Regeneration(1)), which is periodically cast during combat.
Acquisition Crafted using the Circlet of Lycanthropy schematic.
Required ingredients: Lunas Staff, Werewolf Potion, Silver Band
Upgrades to True Werewolf Circlet
Sell infoBlacksmith, Trading Post in Traveller's Dell, Wizard Tower (7500 gold)
NotesWerewolf Form will not be cast if the user is under the effects of the Medusa Potion, Minotaur Potion, Dryad Potion, Werewolf Potion or Shapeshift Tincture.