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Please note that this material was removed in the Great Reset of 2010 and is no longer in the game.

A Clan is an organization of heroes located in one of the three cities (Valmorgen, Mayhew, or Lormidia). Heroes in a clan have access to the clan's amenities, listed below, and access to a private forum for that clan at the game forum. Heroes must be level 10 or higher to join a clan and level 15 or higher to create a clan. Both processes require gold: 5,000 to join, and 75,000 to create. To register a clan, heroes must visit the palace in Valmorgen, the Merchants Guild HQ in Mayhew, or the Citadel of Magic in Lormidia.

Clan Membership Levels[edit]

Clans consists of members of one of four membership levels, which can be renamed by the clan leader:

  • Member: Basic membership.
  • Lieutenant: Has the ability to recruit new members.
  • Adjutant: Has access to most clan administration such as the purchasing of amenities and the usage of clan blessings.
  • Leader: Has access to all clan administrative features. The name of the leader is displayed separately from the rest of the members.

Clan Amenities[edit]

Generally, 75,000 gold is required to start a clan, which includes the basic Clan Hall for 10 members and the basic sleeping quarters. Once built, a clan may purchase a number of amenities, or extra functions that can be used by the members. The costs for amenities are enormous: a fully-upgraded clan would have spent approximately 1,400,000 gold for all amenities.

Clan Hall[edit]

Upgrade Costs:

Level 2 (Advanced Clan Hall) : 100,000
Level 3 (Great Clan Hall) : 200,000
Level 4 (Royal Clan Hall) : 300,000

Description: The clan hall is your clan's main building. It houses all other amenities as well as the members.

  • Upgrading the clan hall is necessary to increase the capacity of your clan and to build certain amenities.

Sleeping Quarters[edit]

Upgrade Costs:

Level 2 (Dormitory) : 20,000 (Requires Advanced Clan Hall)
Level 3 (Private Chambers) : 40,000 (Requires Great Clan Hall)
Level 4 (Luxurious Suites) : 60,000 (Requires Royal Clan Hall)

Description:The sleeping quarters provide a place for members to rest and heal. Even the most basic quarters allow members to heal more rapidly than in temples or inns.

  • Upgrading the sleeping quarters will increase the amount of health healed per turn, for a maximum of 100% more HP healed per turn than at temples/inns.

Bondsmen Quarters[edit]

Cost: 75000, requires Great Clan Hall.

Description: These living quarters provide your clan's bondsmen with a second home in your clan hall. This means they're available for duty far more often, and some of them might even be available for hire as bodyguards.

  • Allows clan members to hire Bondsman followers.

Fund for Oathmen Families[edit]

Cost: 120000, requires Bondsmen Quarters.

Description: As the name suggests, this fund's purpose is to support the families of the clan oathmen, during times when the oathmen themselves are away from their homes. Making a generous donation to the Fund will likely attract many a sturdy oathman to seek service in your clan, and some of them might even be available for hire as personal bodyguards.

  • Allows clan members to hire Oathman followers.

Clan Armoury[edit]

Cost: 35000, requires Advanced Clan Hall.

Description: The armoury sells equipment 20% cheaper than the town blacksmith.

Poison Brewery[edit]

Cost: 45000, requires Great Clan Hall.

Description: The brewery sells poisons 20% cheaper than the Rogues Guild.

Magic Shop[edit]

Cost: 45000, requires Great Clan Hall.

Description: The magic shop sells magical equipment not available elsewhere.

  • Sells the following unique items:
Wand of Acid (800 gold)
Jewel of Fiery Doom (3500 gold)
Wand of Force (350 gold)
Wand of the Barrier (150 gold)
Firebomb (100 gold)


Cost: 65000, requires Great Clan Hall.

Description: The gymnasium allows clan members to improve their physical capabilities.

Thieves Workshop[edit]

Cost: 50000, requires Great Clan Hall.

Description: The Thieves Workshop allows clan members to train their agility. Despite the name, training isn't concentrated solely on illegal activities.


Cost: 65000, requires Royal Clan Hall.

Description: The sauna, combined with proper magical tinctures, cleanses the body and increases its natural hardiness.

  • Trains vitality to a maximum of 12. Without doubt, this amenity is one of the most valuable for low-vitality heroes.

Meditation Chamber[edit]

Cost: 50000, requires Royal Clan Hall.

Description: The Meditation Chambers offer clan members a place to focus their mind and separate themselves from the hurdles of this world.


Cost: 125000, requires Royal Clan Hall.

Description: The Enchantress will provide blessings for all clan members.

  • Clans can only have a shrine or an enchantress. A clan cannot have both.
  • Unique enchantments offered by Enchantress:
Frost Field (400 gold per turn per member)
Supercharge (600 gold per turn per member)
Stoneshredder (1000 gold per turn per member)


Cost: 125000, requires Royal Clan Hall.

Description: The shrine allows temple blessings to be purchased for all clan members.

  • You cannot build a Shrine if you have hired an Enchantress.