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This page is for content requests and comments about adding new contents.

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Want to help???[edit]

Check Category:Work In Progress for pages needing help, or add the "need research" template to pages you think this is needed for to make them appear there for others to help!

Combat Mechanics[edit]

Is there some article on that? I couldn't find any. Is there any useful resource outside the wiki?

Current Requests and Discussions[edit]

(Shohoku79) - I have a small bronze trophy "For showing ingenuity in solving ancient mysteries" on a couple of my heroes. At first I thought it was the number of quests completed, but now I am guessing the requirement is perhaps completing both the Longsword of True Valour / Axe of the Covenant quests? As another hero of mine who had more quest counts completed (but have not done either quests) and don't have the trophy yet. Might need some confirmation.
(Response from DD) Yeah, it's awarded for the axe/sword quest.
I just started the page with my trophies. Expand it with yours :) Sir Dagon 16:29, 2 October 2008 (EDT)
  • full set(s) of items _optimal_ for each class - including socketed beard rings, combat aids, etc... (preferably WoD first :))
  • Soul Imps
Response (from Veneficus). Well the soul imp info is all over the forum at the moment. It's not known well enough, however, and I'm not in the position to research it. A useful guide of items could be interesting, but that would have to be pretty comprehensive if it's to be useful (like a guide rather than just a list).
  • A separate page for each of the class-specific items from Thallis would be nice. You don't have to be of that class to see the stats on it, and if you're willing to hit Embassies as well as you target guild/temple you can get a lot. I've been working on this while searching for my high-end items there.

Soul Imp Info.[edit]

While I'm not going to give away all the monster stats, I will give you the doomsayers dialogues (most of it)... and yes, there are a few typos in the dialogue HH coded:

(response from HH: Well, thank you! You could have fixed them too (in the code and here), you know ;))
(Response from DD) Good point. - To summarize the doomsayer events: Imps were similar to the Norse Valkyries (Imps are much uglier though). Or to put it another way, they were the unpaid interns of the undead world. If some peasant dies, Krypta doesn't personally go and collect the peasant's soul, an Imp does (she's too busy to deal with things like that). And everything would have been all fine and dandy except Grum-Gog, who has always been jealous of his "beautiful" brother and sisters, has been growing increasingly angry over the fact that his followers (the goblins) have been losing their ground to the followers of the human gods (i.e. heroes). So Grum-Gog decides (along with his fellow outcast siblings Rrongol and Url Shekk) to even the score a bit. He sees that the Imps are just lowly servants of Krypta and tricks them in to inciting a rebellion against their mistress with promises of power and freedom. What the Imps don't realize is they depend on Krypta for their very existence. Since food can't be grown in the land of the dead, the Imps are sustained from Krypta's personal energy force. Once they betray her and leave her dominion, they are, for the first time in their existence, hungry for nourishment. Being creations of Krypta, the only thing (besides Krypta) that can satisfy their hunger are the souls of the living (and the greater the soul the more nourishment it provides). For their ultimate act of insolence, the Imps are forsaken by Krypta and condemned to wander in the lands of Ardania in a vain effort to satisfy their eternal hunger (much to Grum-Gog's delight).

Goblin Doomsayer:

The petrified Goblin Priest before you starts to speak when he notices you come near. Oddly enough it is spoken most clearly, not the growling the Goblins usually utter. The Goblin doesn't move at all, except for his mouth. He appears to be in some kind of trance. Welcome, traveller. Welcome to the realm of our god, Grum-Gog. The only true God. The one planning your demise with his sister's minions. Fear us, we shall prevail!

This time we will prevail though. His sister's minions will plague your forces. You will not be able to defend against the Goblin Hordes that will invade your kingdom. We have waited for a long time, but the time of the Goblins is finally here. Not Serpent, nor Dragon, but Goblin will rule Ardania! The wrath of Grum-Gog will kill you all. We will triumph!

Yes. Yes. Yes! He has gotten some minions from his sister the Death Goddess. We were told to avoid them, and plague the weakened heroes. We shall listen to Grum-Gog's advice and dominate Ardania once and for all. The Goblins shall rule! The Goblins shall prevail! The days of Humans, Elves, Gnomes and Dwarves is numbered. Goblins! Goblins! Goblins!

The Goblin Priest stares at you with a blank stare, not replying to your question. Either he doesn't know what you ask him, or isn't allowed to tell you what he knows. You need to find a different way to learn more about this great plan of Grum-Gog. Welcome, traveller. Welcome to the realm of our god, Grum-Gog. The only true God. The one planning your demise with his sister's minions. Fear us, we shall prevail!

Flesh Hunter Doomsayer:

Altough you are quite surprised to have an actual conversation with one of the Flesh Hunters, its message may be even more disconcerting. Well, yes. Obviously not all of us are planning on eating all of your kind. We have some kind of civilisation as well. Sure, it might not be what you are used to, and a lot rougher, but it's civilisation. It's not like all of you are so civilised with the bar fights, looting, grave robbing, tomb raiding and trespassing on other people's property. And even if we are bred into it, not all of us believe the teachings of our God, Rrongel. Ehm, former god. You never see such deviating Flesh Hunters because they get killed. I got lucky and survived. Sneaked out during an attack on some place called East-Cheswick. My brethren got me, but as I fled in the Dark Forest I found a strange healing well. Some of your kind tried to stop me, I am terribly sorry for killing them. But it was necessary. They had it coming.

Ah yes. The warning. Apparently Rrongol, together with Url Shekk and Grum-Gog, have gotten hold of some mysterious beings. They were lured with promises of power and souls if they got over here from the Underworld where they were being held, unknown to the kind here. Unfortunately for them, the gods lied, and only death is waiting for them here. They can sustain their pitiful lives longer by draining the souls of heroes roaming Ardania, though. This will allow them to live somewhat longer, at the expense of those heroes' endurance. It will only be a matter of time before those being will discover their only source of sustenance over here, and when that happens you are all in grave danger. The other Flesh Hunters find it amusing that those beings are being abused to torment living things, but they don't seem to realise that we are tasked with exactly the same thing. Why exactly would we have to kill every single one of your kind?

Exactly! But I guess that would be too much to ask now. After many of the heroes will find our god's latest toy, I doubt they would be hesitant to kill even more of us in the future.

At least I hope I have given you the insight to try and talk to my brethren, and not to kill all you meet!

The Dying Imp:

The moon and sun's three outcast children promised us we'd be relieved of the slavish work of death. They promised us power and freedom. They promised us what we wanted. It was too good to be true. We should have seen it. We should have! But I didn't, and tired of our 'slavedom' I listened to them, followed them to the Underworld. They were preparing us for our journey into liberty. But as soon as we set foot outside from under the world, we were weakened, and lost all our powers. Some of us tried to return, but we could not find the opening back. I doubt there is one. And thus we've been roaming here for several days now.

I am hungry. I need something to sustain myself. But I am not sure what is here that we could feed ourselves with. Although now I can almost smell that which we've gotten under death's service. Since that smell comes from you, I think you have that which we feed ourselves with. Would you give it to me?

But you have! I can smell it. I smell our food on you. Deep inside your pockets. It smells sweet, sweeter than that we have got from death.

It oozes power. You must have it, you must! I can smell it. Feel it. Inside of you. The strange beast lifts up towards you, but it doesn't seem to grasp for your pockets. MUST...HAVE...IT... MUST... MUST...

Graveyard Doomsayer:

Welcome, traveler. Could I interest you in a tale of the deeds of the fallen servants of Krypta, before their demise.

Our great goddess, after the failure of her servant the Liche Queen, created some more devious followers to do her bidding. These new servants were given the task of travelling the world between life and Krypta, somehow convincing dying people they should give up and go to Krypta's realm. They were tasked with draining the last essence of life from their victims, opening their path to Krypta's blessed realm. But now they are lost, missing. Krypta fears of what their abilities and knowledge could do on the unsuspecting, and we have no idea where they roam. We don't expect them to turn up here though, they are not capable of surviving here, but I urge you to pay attention when you die, for they might try to get you before you're revived.

Without Her guidance, the servants may dissuade everyone from staying in Ardania. Some souls are needed here. If they weren't, wouldn't you expect Krypta to spend every effort to bring all souls to Her, instead of allowing them some time for resurrection? She knows if no one is left living, no new souls can join Krypta and She would have no purpose. Even more ominous, if they could manage to sustain themselves outside the underworld for long periods they would be a constant threat to all living souls. I wouldn't worry though, the servants wouldn't have the means to do that themselves. So except for Krypta you should have nothing to fear. Although, as they are no longer serving the one true Mistress, they might try to lure you to places more vile than the blessed Underworld. It would be a pity if that happened.

We know them as 'Imps'. As I said before, the Imps were given the task of convincing those mortals on the verge of Krypta to embrace Her and forget the living world. To accomplish their task, our Mistress bestowed upon the Imps a special power. We were never given the exact details of the Imps' gift. A lot of them have gone away and left our true God, as did the Liche Queen before. We do not condone this course of action. Our Mistress asked us to spread the word of their impudence throughout the mortal realm and the underworld, and destroy any we encounter. So far we have seen none here. We were not surprised by that. We were told they couldn't survive properly here, and not to expect to find them.

Imp Abilities:

Imps feed on mortals by extracting their souls from their bodies. The Imp establishes a metaphysical link with the victim and the soul is extracted via that connection. Normally (when the Imps served Krypta) a single connection would be sufficient to entirely drain the victim's soul, but normally the victims are already dead (or nearly dead). A living victims resistance to this process requires the Imp must periodically establish a new connection in order to continue the soul draining. While Imps soul draining attacks are nearly impossible to avoid, Imps have mediocre defenses (not normally an issue since a dying humanoid doesn't put up much of a fight). Imps however, are are very persistent. Once an Imp selects a victim it will pursue it until it is dead, so fleeing from an Imp is not an option.


•Force spell - cannot find info of it

  • Done! (--Veneficus)
You might want to do more research on Deathblast and Apocalyptica (from quick glance) ;). (-HH).

Lacking manpower to expand content[edit]

This project perhaps needs some more people with high level chars or "wiki-lovers", at the moment, to expand more content. (--Veneficus)

WoD Optimal Equipment[edit]

Here it is (by Veneficus):

  • Helm: True Werewolf Circlet (not Helm of Horror)
  • Weapon: Blades of Fatality with Willpower upgrade (Blade of Mass Slaughtering if no Willpower upgrade)
  • Belt: Belt of Ravaging (or Belt of Brawling if parry focus)
  • Armor: Mithril Spiked
  • Glove: War Gauntlet (not Chaos Gloves, usually)
  • Boot: War Charger (Boot of Lunord if parry-focus char)
  • Cloak: Spiked Cloak
  • Armband: Mithril with +2x hammer rings or Mithril with 2x Ratman
  • Aura: Victory
  • Upgrade: Wlllpower

In general, H2H is better than Parry unless your parry reaches about 250.

Charmable creatures[edit]

as a subsection to the monsters category. there should be a list of the monsters that are charmable by a cultist and/or a priestess.

Priestesses can charm all forms of Lesser Undead -- 11:58, 5 April 2009 (EDT)
Cultists can charm the following:
   * Giant Rat
   * Giant Spider
   * Huge Spider
   * Roc
   * Varg
   * Hell Bear
   * Rust Spitter
   * Wendigo
   * Werewolf
   * Mountain Lion
   * Medusa 

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Item Pages for Junk[edit]

Priority: Very Low

I have set all of the "Junk Items" to redirect to the Junk page for the moment. In the future they will need to be updated to include the full information about that item, including weight, where found, sell price, uses, etc.

Please add to craftsmanship and schematics that they are accessed via the journal[edit]

Please add to craftsmanship and schematics that they are accessed via the journal - I spent a few hours finding this

Items listed by Attributes[edit]

Unless I missed it somewhere, could you please create lists of items categorized by attributes (STR, VIT, INT, WIL, ART, H2H, RNG, DMG, DOD, PAR, ARM, LUC, MGR)? Also, please include a link for each item so we could find out which Heroes can use those items and where we can find them. It would make it much easier to find items needed for certain attributes. If this list already exists, where/how do I find it? Thank you.

-- Glo, if you really think it would be helpful - take info from the Items Reference Page, resort in accordance to attributes and put to some new page. /MM